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Best Week Ever

You guys.. It has been the BEST WEEK EVER! I feel like I haven’t had a really REALLY good week in a while. So what makes this the best week ever you ask? Let me fill you in..

For starters I may have mentioned on social media that I got a new cat. Rick. He is a 1 year old buff male who only has one eye. He is a very sweet boy, but Grace, my 9 month old female was not having it at first. There was a lot of tension and grumbles, but this week they are FINALLY getting along perfectly. I think that is a miracle because we will have rick 2 weeks on Sunday and they are getting along really well.

Next, I finally made it off the wait list for Sephora’s monthly subscription box Play. This is beyond exciting for me. I have been on the waiting list for what seems like eternity and I was recently thinking about canceling Ipsy to try something new. We shall see how that goes. Maybe even do a Play verses Ipsy smackdown.

Next thing up is I was invited into 2 (yes two!) Influenster Vox Boxes. I have not gotten into a themed box in probably a year and a half. I got into the Bloom box and the P&G box. Can’t wait to receive my goodies. Hopefully a few reviews in the making..  Oh and you should join if you haven't already...

Staying on the same theme, I got into a House Party from I will be hosting a Folgers brunch in May. They will be sending me K-Cups in various flavors. I love hosting parties from them and if you aren’t signed up for this site, you should be! I normally get into about 2-3 parties a year. Although it has been since last August since I got into my last one, but that was more my fault then anything. 

Last, but certainly not least, I can see again! Okay that was a bit dramatic, but the last few months my vision has not been the best, even when wearing my glasses. I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday and I had a HUGE change in my vision. It’s no wonder I was having trouble seeing. I left with 5 new pairs of contacts in my new prescription to help me until I get my new glasses made. It is a miracle guys! I feel like I can see through walls!

So tell me.. how has your week been the best week ever?

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