Wellness Wednesday - Not feeling well

It finally happened. After months of dodging it, I have finally been hit with the nasty cold that it seems like everyone in my office had. I was almost ready to throw a small celebration that I made it through the season without one cold. It would of been epic. But no, it HAD to show up on a Monday to complicate things.

It make me wonder if all of the stress and craziness of the move made my immune system weak which allowed me to get sick. I have gotten past many colds and sicknesses over the winter that R got from the kids. He was once again sick and almost over it when out of nowhere my cold hit me.

Getting the cold reminds me why I need to chill out as best as I can in stressful situations. I was able to steer clear of other bugs and viruses when I managed better. Now that I let myself succumb to the stress I opened myself up for germs.

This is reminder to myself and all of you to keep stress as minimal as possible to keep the rest of you healthy. Do something nice for yourself and allow yourself to relax during stressful times. I often forget to do this myself and here I am feeling terrible with this icky cold.

How do you maintain a healthy immune system?

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  1. Take care of yourself girl! Rest, fluids and pampering. Sorry you aren't feeling well on Wellness Wednesday!