When you procrastinate in wedding planning + Flash giveaway winner!

So wedding.. yeah.. let's talk about that today (Oh and the winner of my flash giveaway..). It's been awhile and as much as I want to say I have it all done and I just forgot to post, that would be a lie. I have seriously slacked over the past few months, and I wish I didn't. I have seriously kicked some butt in the past week at getting myself into a better place with planning, but I wish I didn't slack as much as I did.. See exhibit A:

On Saturday R and I met with our venue coordinator. We were there to set our menu, pick out the beverages (We are getting married at a winery so this is kind of important), and talk logistics. John, our coordinator and chef started asking us questions like:

"Who is your photographer?" Uhhhhhh

"Do you have a DJ?" Does my iPod count?

"Have you decided on a cake?" Well we have some appointments set up...

"What about flowers? Will you have them on the tables?" Oh shit flowers?! Forgot about those..

Welp John, let me just respond with, we are totally unprepared for this meeting, so uh yeah sorry?

Thankfully John was very understanding and told us we have nothing to worry about. Everything will work out. Right?

So, let's look at the things I have gotten done:

Wedding dress - Check!
Venue - Check!
Bridesmaid dresses - Check!
Photographer - Check! (This one JUST happened)
Save the dates - Check! (They even got mailed!)

So as far as the cake goes, we have 2 appointments set, so I am not very worried about that. Our new photographer has some calls in to a few DJs that he is familiar with so hopefully that works out. I am still very unsure on what I really want with flowers, but none the less I should probably make a few calls.

There is still plenty to do, but I feel a little better having all those bugger items crossed off my list. I have learned my lesson along the way in not procrastinating any further in this process or something may not work out in my favor.

Do you have any advice to keep the ball rolling for this wedding planning stuff? I'd love to know in the comments below!


So yeah I did a quick flash giveaway.. Not as much response as I would have hoped but none the less..  I asked you which of my tax return wish list items I bought with my money.

There were only a couple of entries and MOST of you guessed right. I bought myself a new laptop! It was on like a super sale so I still saved a ton of money, which makes me happy. I am going to put the rest of my money towards my wedding. Yay to all of you for participating!

The winner is: Nicole M! Hopefully this $20 of your choice can go towards your new laptop as well!

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