All the feels

You know those nights where you're so tired yet you can't sleep? Well I'm having on of those, except with writing. I have so much on my mind and don't know where to begin.  A fully loaded mind can be a dangerous mind as they say.

We all have our motivations or things that spark a good post. For me, I tend to get my best writing done when I'm angry. My real emotions seep up and I put passion into anything I am doing. My house also looks amazing after I've been angry. I clean like a mad woman to calm myself down.

Today I woke up in a fairly decent mood and quickly went south with a short conversation. I got angry; but a different kind of angry. It was the anger that has been held for a long time. Something I have been wanting to say. The passion in me flared.

Letting go of some of the prolonged anger really can turn a mood around. It can make the weight on your shoulders release. It can remind you that that fully loaded gun, we call our over thinking mind won't go off unexpectedly.

It may not always make everyone else around you feel the same, but at the end of the day, we must remember, we matter first.

Chew on that.

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