Why I hate OS updates

I woke up on Monday morning to that sweet little message on my phone alerting me it wanted to update my operating system. If you are like me, this is to be avoided at all cost. I hate change when it comes to my cellphone. I like my phone exactly the way it is. Meaning: I know where everything is, how everything works, and what to expect at all times. Once that update happens all bets are off!

I avoided updating all day at work on Monday. I was pretty proud of myself. I went to the gym after work and left my phone in my locker. When I got back from my workout, I had a few alerts and as I went to check them, my phone got sneaky! Before I knew what was happening, my phone was updating. Trish-0, Android-1.

My phone now has a new look. Apparently white is the new green? All of my icons and writing are now white. I am not a fan! It reminds me of death. I always feel like my phone is dying on me. Its so colorless. Makes me kind of sad. Why Android, why? Now after a few days of using this new operating system or OS if you want to get technical, I have noticed things keep going down hill. I have compiled 5 reasons to blame my droid update when things go wrong on my phone.

#1. My spelling is horrible you say? You didn't understand what I was saying? It's not my fault! My operating system updated and my phone now has a mind of its own.

#2 Oh I hung up on you? What? I didn't hear you! Sorry, I wish I could explain, but my call got dropped. Must be that darn OS update!

#3. Slow response? No, I am not ignoring you. Yep, you guessed it. My phone froze again after this wonderful update I was forced into installing!

#4 Picture? What picture? I didn't receive a text from you! Oh yeah that's right. I updated. Please don't blame me.

#5. I know, I know, I need to update my profile picture on Blogger. The photo I want is saved on my phone. When I try to update my profile on my phone, I no longer get the option to pull up my gallery on my phone. Ugh!

Friends, this is why you should say no to updates! Things go from great to crazy in 1.3 minutes. I am slowly learning where everything is now. My auto-correct is off the hook. Changing everything I want to use to something mildly inappropriate at times. And #hashtags? Forget about it! It wants nothing to do with using those. I am sure in a few more days I will feel a little more comfortable with these updates, but until then.. Blame it on the update!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Updates are the worst! At work they tell us to avoid doing updates (to the iPhone) at all costs, because each new update is designed for the latest, greatest software, which means the older our phones get, the less capable of handling features they are, and the slower they get.

    Now, logically it makes sense to design for the best and brightest we can manage, but when the updates are slowing down your phone and you have the current version... well that just seems more like a marketing ploy than a technological advancement. ("Oh, your phone is getting old, can't wait to pay exorbitant amounts for the next one, can you?")

  2. Somehow when my android phone did its latest update, my phone decided that I no longer needed spelling help. Not, I appreciate this in most aspects, as it had previously kept trying to change the word "and" to "abd" (What the HELL is abd?!), but now it lets me misspell words and doesn't try to help me. Not that I misspell on a regular basis, but I mistype. My fat fingers screw things up, and now I'm on my own.