Sunday Social Week 2

Hey guys! It's Sunday. And you know that that means.. Another Sunday Social Linkup! I am really enjoying this. It gets me thinking and you all get to learn some nifty things about me! Join in and grab the cute little button From Neely and Ashley!

1. Favorite Genre of Music? 
 I really love it all. I grew up in a house where music was always playing and I have come to love some of all of it. If I  had to answer as to what I listen to on a daily basis it would be top 40. If I had time to go through and make a playlist it would be really crazy all over the place, you don't know what's coming next kind of list.

2. Favorite Genre of movies?
I really like dramas and comedies. I love a good captive story that keeps me interested through the whole thing. Kind of like a book. I wanna know how it ends. Then there is the comedy side where I would love to just laugh through the whole thing until my stomach hurts.

3. Do you watch Reality TV? If so what was the first show you remember watching: I really never got into it. Does American Idol count?

4. Actress you’d want to be BFF’s with? 
Hmm.. Jennifer Lawrence maybe. She seems to be spunky and nutty like I can be at times. I am sure we would just along JUST fine!

5. Actor you’d be happy to be stuck on an island with?
That would have to be Ian Somerhalder for sure! He is one dark and handsome man who also cares about the environment. He would know how to keep me alive!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Yes, American Idol counts however I used to like it when we had the old judges.

  2. Who is Ian Somerhalder? See, now I have to go Google!

    1. He is best known from playing Damon on Vampire Diaries (Guilty pleasure!) But he is dreamy!

  3. I love Jennifer Lawrence.. she adds spark to Hollywood, that is for sure. Not afraid to be herself and I LOVE that!

  4. Ian Somerhalder is definitely at the top of my list. However, I chose Chris Hemsworth because...well...who better to have Thor to handle things on a deserted island. hahaha :)