Slacking on a Thursday...

Hello my happy, thank God it's Friday peeps. I normally would be posting my fitness series today, but I was a MAJOR slacker yesterday and didn't prepare. So instead I am going to write about that. I know what you're thinking, boring! Give me a chance.                                    
I woke up. The alarm went off at 6am. That wasn't acceptable. I reset to 6:30. Alarm goes off again. Let's try 6:45. You know cause 15 minutes really makes that difference. I roll out of bed and take a shower. I immediately run to my lap top to post my blog. I don't normally post a new blog on Thursday's, but I was so inspired by Wednesday's post I had to blog about why I hate updating my cellphones operating system. That was a real treat. You should read it.

Now if you follow me on twitter you know I drove into work yesterday listening to banjo music courtesy of my other half. Yes I rolled my eyes a lot. But we got to work safely and had a few laughs. Now if you follow me on facebook, you know I posted nothing because it's my weak spot and I desperately need your help to keep me in line. Please like my page so you can whip my Facebook ass into shape! Now instagram is where it's at. If you subscribed you would of seen what amused me at work. I'm not gonna tell you. Check it out.

So now that you checked out some social media of my life I can tell you my work day was pretty boring. People were in fairly good moods which is rare lately.  Oh and someone got suspended. Yeah that never happens. Shock didn't begin to describe that scene. Shit got real and we all got to work. No one wanted to be next.

The clock rolled over to 6:15pm and once again I put in a 9 hour work day. I rushed to the gym for my personal training session (More about that in next week's fitness post). I learned some pretty banging exercises to get rid of that awful flapping skin on my arms. You know what I'm talking about. So that takes us to about 7:30pm my friends . I get home just before 8 and eat some leftover chicken and corn and have absolutely no desire to write my fitness blog. I slacked like nobodies business.

I relaxed with some amaretto coffee, to die for btw. I participated in the #blisschat on Twitter which is always a treat and a great learning experience. I highly recommend checking it out on Thursday's at 9pm eastern time. I read  a few blogs and this busy slacking bee when to bed.

Now because I don't like to let my readers down by skipping a scheduled posting day, I got up at 6:30am just for you guys and put this beauty together for you. Now I am going to go on with my morning and head to work for donut day! (More about that another day).

Make it a great Friday ya'll!