Internal Interview

Well here I am. I am up all early and ready to go. I am going on an interview today. Not just any interview, but an internal interview. I don't know about you, but this is more nerve racking than a regular interview. You are probably thinking why?

  • Presentation. I normally wear jeans to work. I love my jeans, but today I need to dress like a boss!  I went through my closet last night to find something young and hip to make me look like a professional. 
  • I am meeting with 3 directors, all of which I already know. I am used to joking around with them or cracking jokes, but this time I need to be on my best behavior and act like the young professional I pretend to be.
  • Competition. I am competing first with my coworkers. Only one of us can get this position. You are always secretly hoping they choke so you look better. Now if we all choke or deem us unworthy they pull in some outside competition. Bring it on!
  • Showing off your skills. This is where you need to be up on not only your interview skills, but the skills they are looking for in this position. Even though I already work for the company doesn't mean they won't find someone better then me to fill the spot. Bummer!
  • Not getting the job. In any other circumstance you walk away and never have to see the place again. In this circumstance I have to go back to work, where everyone laughs looks at me and knows I didn't get the job.
  • Getting the job. You now have to look at your coworkers and pretend you feel bad hat you got the job over them.  Suckers! JK!
  • If you get the job you have the awkward transition where you are halfway doing your old job and halfway doing your new job and you feel guilty on each end for doing said half ass jobs.

What do you think? Is an internal interview more nerve racking then an outside interview? How have you handled them if you had one? Leave me stories cause I love hearing from you all!

Have a great Hump Day and WISH ME LUCK!

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  1. Good luck on your interview! I get what you mean about internals being harder. Not that I bullshit on interviews, but I try to build myself up. On an internal, they know you're bullshitting, because they know you. lol

    1. Thanks and agreed! If they know you it's harder to go over the top!

  2. Good luck! I hope your interview goes well. I found you on Trish's blog! :)