10 things to spend your taxes on

It's that time of year again. You know the time where you either owe the IRS or you get back a nice refund? I know very little people who meet somewhere in the middle. I am one of those people who doesn't see the point in breaking even and God forbid I have to pay, so I always receive a refund.

Now with that being said, I normally am a saver. I put the money in the bank for a rainy day. With my past experiences in life and crazy stuff always coming up out of nowhere, this has always been very helpful. I have emergency money. Something a lot of people can't say they have.

Now taking that one step further, this also means I have never used the money to take that big vacation I see so many people take or buy that new 90 inch flat screen tv that always seems to make its way onto Facebook in that obligatory, "Look what we just bought" photo.

This year I think it's going to be a tad bit different. Not that I am going to go out and buy a 90 inch tv or take that large vacation, but this year has significance. This will be my last year of filing taxes as a single individual. I am going to get married in September, so next year will be a whole new ball game. Now with that being said, I have compiled a list of the top 10 things I would buy with my tax money if I ever let the fear of spending it go away... (These are individual ideas, I would not purchase all of this with my return, as I do not receive a large enough return to purchase all 10 items.. wah)

1. A new laptop. My current laptop is considered a dinosaur at this point. Not as old as one would think, but it has definitely slowed down over the years and doing normal day to do things can be a hassle.

2. A spring wardrobe. I feel like I never buy myself new clothes. Not because I don't like to buy new things, but I have the hardest time finding things I life in a price range I can afford. I like to leave a store with multiple items for under a certain amount of money. Using tax money might help me get over that a little bit.

3,  A year membership to a fancy gym in my neighborhood. This is a place I cannot afford to pay a monthly fee for currently, but if I could pay for the year up front this would be golden. I mean there is a pool guys..

4. A new bed. Now yes this would be shared with R, but it is something we have been talking about. My last new bed was a hand me down from someone else, and the bed we currently sleep in is over a decade old. It is time for a new bed.

5. Speaking of beds, I have always wanted a really nice sound machine for sleeping. I have a hard time sleeping most nights and R's snoring does not help. Having a nice soothing sound machine would do the trick, or so I hope..

6. A book shopping spree. Let's face it, books are expensive, but nothing pleases me more than browsing a book store. I could leave with more than I need and spend a fortune, but going in there knowing I can spend some money would be so blissful.

7. I would get my car detailed. It's been winter here in the north and my poor black car is pretty white from salt. My car already has a rust issue from its previous owner, so getting it cleaned inside and out professionally would be a great help.

8. Take a class. I am always up for learning something new. Now that Spring is in the air and I actually want to leave my house, taking a weekly class would be fun.

9. Put it towards something for the wedding. As much as I find this option lower on my list, I do know it would be helpful to use some of the money for an expense related to the wedding.

10. Maybe I will just put it back in the bank and hold on to it.. probably not the best idea but it still has crossed my mind just in case.

What do you plan to do with your tax money? Are you a saver like me or does the money burn a hole in your pocket as soon as you get it?

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When the signs point to yes

If you told me 5 years ago that I would sign up for a yoga series by myself and enjoy it, I probably would of laughed in your face. Number one, yoga is boring. Number two, who likes to do things alone? Well I completely overgrew that brat stage. In January 2015 I signed up for my first series of yoga classes. I did it for me and only me. It made sense that I had to sign up alone.

I finished the classes and felt a lot better about so much in my life. I felt lighter and my body didn't ache as much. It was glorious. But as life goes on, I made myself "busy", or so I told myself and yoga just became something I did once to help relieve stress. I took a few classes here and there with friends, but never really "practiced". I would look at my mat and sigh. I should be using it, but again I had no time.

Last fall I was at my wits end with stress. My job felt like it was killing me slowly and everything around me felt negative. I saw an ad for a 6 week beginners yoga class and felt like it was a sign. I wasn't a beginner per say, but I needed to go back to the basics. I needed some structure and this course looked like the place for me.

After signing up for the class an amazing job opportunity came my way. It was the opportunity I had been dreaming about it. I started my new job in November and started the first of 6 classes of yoga that Saturday. I felt like it was a sign.

I felt at home here. The space was warm and inviting and the instructor was amazing. I was sad when the class ended, but knew this time I could not let my practice become stagnant again.

I signed up for another course in January. An 8 week course of a 3 part series. 24 weeks in total when I complete them all. I just finished my 5th week and I am starting to see this as a passion of mine. Something I can see myself doing long term. Teaching.

Now the question in my heart is, do I pursue this?

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Sunday Snap: Life update

I feel like I slept my weekend away. For the last 2 weeks I am slowly getting over some virus/bug that has been going around work. It kind of feels like the flu on speed. It moves very quick from one symptom to the next but it hits you hard. I have had some massive joint aches followed by a fever and nausea, and then some congestion and headache. I believe I am on the mend but I am just super tired today.

Let me do a quick recap of the last 2 weeks in blog posts and such because I feel like stuff was posted and things happened but I didn't have enough energy to talk about any of it....

On Monday, February 22nd I posted about some of my ambitions. I am sure this was put up before this flu thing hit me. I have felt like all my dreams and ambitions have gone out the door since feeling sick. Darn bug!

Thursday, February 25th I crawled myself to the computer to post about this AMAZING giveaway I am apart of that is still going on for another 4 days.. Bloggers this one is for you and it is a good one! If you haven't entered you are missing out!

On Friday I dragged my butt out of bed early and went to the gym with my friend. I thought maybe getting myself moving a bit would help me feel better.. It kind of did but no miracles yet.

On Saturday I had Panera Bread for the first time in years and it was super yummy. Not even 20 minutes after eating we were in PetSmart shopping for Grace and I had the most awkward burning feeling in my chest. Like hardcore pain. I couldn't handle the uneasiness of how it felt so I ended up in urgent care hooked up to an EKG machine. Turns out my heart is fine, but because I have been popping so much ibuprofen due to the aches from this bug, I have irritated my esophagus (or food pipe as the doctor kept calling it..).

I had to change my diet for a few days to a blander assortment to give my esophagus some time to heal. This meant no coffee.. wah! On Sunday my parents visited and met Grace for the first time. They fell in love as I knew they would.

Monday the 29th came around (Figures.. we get another Monday for leap year.. lol) and I still wasn't feeling up to par but I still dragged myself to the gym. 

By Wednesday I FINALLY got a post up. Because I am 6 months away from my wedding I felt it was time to get a fitness plan in action. I posted my plan, hoping it would motivate me. And oldy but a goody.

I met my goal to do some form of exercise all week and Friday I even got up my March goals.

I  have learned so much about being patient with my body over the past few weeks. I reminded myself that sometimes I need to let it rest and put all of the stuff aside that isn't urgent. I don't like to neglect this blog and I feel like I did for a big, but I also worked on me and that feels good.

I hope you all had a great couple of weeks and a nice weekend. I am hoping to make it out to a local museum today that is hosting a free family day. I have never been so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will feel good enough to go.

See ya tomorrow!

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Marching into March with some new goals

Oh hey March, where'd you come from so quickly? Well since you're here and all I might as well set some goals. But first, let's see how I did with my February goals....

  • Plan more: Well I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but February didn't have so many plan-able things. It was busy, but day by day busy, not event by event busy..
  • Make time for my relationship: I did work on this. We didn't exactly get out much for date nights but we did get some important stuff sorted out. That counts right?
  • Post 12 or more blog posts: I actually accomplished this one without even trying. 12 exactly. Woot!
  • Be the best cat mom I can be: This one is easy. Grace is pretty easy to please and although she is getting more and more comfortable and getting into more things, she is still pretty great to have around. Expect an update on Grace soon!
  • Read 3 books: Fail. I read 1 book. I don't call this a complete fail though. I am putting this in my goals to encourage myself to read more. Last time this year I didn't read anything so I call that a somewhat win.
  • Find things to be grateful for daily: This is something I am doing and winning at. I enjoy writing about all of the things I am grateful for. I am keeping multiple journals now. More on that soon in an upcoming blog post!
  • Maybe, just maybe get back into wedding  planning: I actually started working my butt off on wedding planning. I am about 6 months away and have slacked off BIG time! I'm hoping to get my act together and get it all done pronto. 
So not to bad in February. I don't see it as a big fail. Just learning experiences. Now onto March:

  • Keep my fitness routine. I did so good this week. I followed my new routine and I feel so great because of it.  Now that I got myself through 1 week I want to challenge myself to keep it up. Wish me luck!
  • Keep reading: I am not going to put a number because then it isn't fun anymore. I need to keep my mind exercised and I will do that 1 book at a time. 
  • Host a party/get together: I love having people over. I always have ideas and then I don't do them. I just had a coloring and wine party last Friday and it was great. Reminded me that I can host successful events and enjoy them all at the same time. 
  • Revamp the blog: I want to update a few things. Refresh it up a little. I have a few ideas but don't want to promise to much yet. It's in the works and I'm hoping it happens in March. 
  • Wedding planning: I want to continue to move forward in my planning. It won't plan itself right? 
So there you have it. My once again simple and realistic goals. What's your March looking like?
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A workout routine from the past

workout routine

A few years ago I had a pretty solid workout schedule in place.  It worked for me and I was in shape. I felt good and was happy. Just like anything else though, curiosity got the best of me and I had to try something new. When that something else didn't work I'd move on to the next thing.

Here I am today out of shape and annoyed at myself. I wonder to myself why I ever stopped doing what worked for me. I have to remind myself that what works for one person, won't always work for the next person.

This week I have implemented my old plan with some new things. The new things are yoga sequences that are helping me with some of my tight spots I've encountered. I'm going to see if this routine still works for me. I am 2 days in and I'm already starting to feel better.

I wanted to share with you what I am doing in hopes that maybe my little routine may help one of you.

Monday: Gym- 1 Hour (10 minute increments alternating between cardio and weights/machines)

Tuesday: Home exercise. Stretches and heart rate raisers like mountain climbers and jumping jacks for 30 minutes.

Wednesday: Gym- 1 Hour (10 minute increments alternating between cardio and weights/machines)

Thursday: 1.5 Hour Yoga class (A series I've committed 8 weeks to)

Friday: Gym- 1 Hour (10 minute increments alternating between cardio and weights/machines)

Saturday: Various activities. They could include hiking, walking, house cleaning, and new activities I've wanted to try.

Sunday: Rest day.

What does your workout schedule look like?

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