Inspirational Quotes that Keep Me Going

Some days when things seem a little impossible I turn to some of my favorite quotes to remind me that things are okay. I have a pretty large file of quotes for different occasions that I pull out each month to remind myself that life is good and that I've got this when things go a little south.

I told you all on Friday about my computer being fried from an electrical storm. I still have no word on whether anything will be salvageable, but they have been in contact and it's been one of those weird situations where they aren't 100% sure on what happened. I could let that get me down, but instead I set up my inspirational quotes for the coming weeks.

I thought I'd share one that stood out to me this week in case anyone else needed that little push to keep them going.

This quote sits with me for many reasons this week, but what really grabbed me was the part about doing the impossible. With a computer not fully functioning I am still able to do things like post on this blog. It's not impossible. You just need to work with what you've got and keep moving!

What's your favorite quote to keep you moving?

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