One Day Can Change the World - September 11th- 17 Years Later

Today I feel like that same college freshman standing in front of my TV in shock. Confused is an understatement. What in the world just happened? What now?

17 years ago on a Tuesday life changed forever. We all woke up same as always. I thought about how much I disliked my history class. Seems ironic now. We all went to bed a different person.

 A war of hatred was brought to life here on US soil. In 17 years I've seen things change so drastically it makes me wonder how it could get any worse. And then it does.

September 11th, 2001 was like something you would see in a movie. Not real life. Not in your own backyard. This is an event that our children learn about in their history classes today.

Children who weren't here to experience it, yet have a large crowd of people at their finger tips who were here that day. Their parents. Their siblings. Their grandparents. Their aunts and uncles. Their teachers.

We can all give them our version of this horrific day.  They are all unique to it's storyteller but the feeling is always the same. Shock.

So today, as I write every year on this day is a reminder. One decision can change the world. In this case, it was a bad decision. One that had major consequences. But it was a decision a group of people thought up and made happen.

It is a reminder that our actions have consequences and outcomes. Some of these things we can never take back once they are done. Some of these things can change everything you ever thought you knew about life.

Make the right choice. Do the right thing. Love one another even if you don't have the same beliefs. See a different perspective. If possible agree to disagree. But don't fight with someone just because they are different. And don't fight with yourself just because you don't think the same as the next person.

Just be kind.

One day you may be in their shoes. You may have thought you'd never be doing what you are, but things changed. That's what happened to me yesterday.

Things changed.

Today I woke up in a new chapter of my life. I made a life changing choice yesterday and today at age 35 I woke up a bit in shock and a little confused just like that 18 year old girl did 17 years ago.The same question stands,

What now?

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