Sunday Snaps

Happy Sunday. Did we all survive Daylight Savings Time? I know I was grateful for the extra hour of sleep I received this morning. Also welcome to National Novel Writing Month AKA NaNoWriMo. We also have a National Blog Posting Month AKA NaBloPoMo for us bloggers. Are you participating in either of those? I can't commit but I will try.. Now let's see what I accomplished this week.

ICYMI: Blog Posts of the Week

Monday I wrote about a simple Halloween craft that involved wine and glow sticks. Pretty cool right?

On Wednesday I was feeling a little dramatic so I posted about my friend "Zoey the Zombie". She totally plans to crash my wedding!

Friday got real. I completed my first week of my "two weeks notice" and felt extremely drained. What better way to describe it then with gifs?

Coming Up Next Week

On Saturday the city of Ithaca hosted a Wizarding Weekend that literally came together in 2 weeks. 1 week if you count the part where they realized they were expecting thousands of people. I was fortunate enough to attend and got there early to get some photos.  Stay tuned for my account of how that went down.

Also expect to see my November goals and maybe a fun post about thrifting!

See ya tomorrow!

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