Sunday Rambles

Ahh Sunday. So nice to see you. I don't normally post on Sunday but today I felt like I had a lot to say and I wanted to just get it all out rather then wait until next week. Taking a bit of a break from the blog was nice for me. I didn't take the break for clarity but I certainly thought a lot about where I want my blog to go and what I'd like it to look like. I have been blogging almost a full year and really wasn't sure where my blog "fit in" and what I wanted to become of it.

This past week I really put into perspective what I wanted from this blog. I want to get gratification from knowing someone was able to read something I wrote and use it somewhere useful in their lives. I am definitely drifting slowly into the health and fitness world, but I don't want to be labelled as that one thing either. I was out and about today in this beautiful weather we are having in Central New York and thought about the city in which I live.

My city is a very health conscious place and there is always something to do here that links in with staying healthy and fitness. There are oodles of yoga studies and massage therapists. Health food stores and natural artisans making all kinds of soaps and green options. It is here in my city that brings all kinds of inspiration to my every day blogging.

By the time I hit my 1 year bloggy birthday on May 1st I want to be incorporating more local posts here on my blog. I want to share with the world some of the great things you can find and do here in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Anything from state parks, restaurants, wellness options, hospitality options. I want to dive into as many things as I can and bring a weekly segment here.

Summer is quickly approaching and this area is an amazing place to visit for a couples, girls weekends, or families. Whether you are a fellow neighbor or someone looking to explore the area I hope you will enjoy these weekly segments. A few things you can look forward to that I will be attending this coming week and writing about are:

 4/16/2015 Avanti Trunk show at Miel Beauty Bar featuring Red Head Wine

4/17/2015 The Hangar Aces Red Event at the Hangar Theater

4/19/2015 3rd Annual Spring Tea Fundrasier at the Dryden Community Center

I also visited a newer restaurant in Ithaca today called Red's Place and will be writing about that as well!

If you are local to me and have an event coming up that you would like me to write about please send me an e-mail! I would love to work with you! 

I hope you will enjoy these upcoming posts and have a great week!
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  1. What a great idea! sounds like you have a lot of fun things going on that's local to you. We have a farmers market starting up in a few weeks withing walking distance to me. I plan on mentioning that since a lot of people don't realize the small towns close to them have so much to offer! Can't wait to read more!

  2. I am so excited about this. I don't know why it never crossed my mind before. I live in such a gorgeous place shaped by the ice age. We have gorges and waterfalls galore. Lots of wineries and always some kind of festival or event going on. It's gonna be great! I love farmers markets and we also have one of those here.. Can't wait to read about yours!