2015 E-Reader Reading Challenge

Hello there my reading loving friends. Today is the day. I am announcing my e-book reading challenge categories! Now notice I keep saying e-book. There is a real good reason for this. A few weeks ago I opened up my kindle and noticed I had a TON of books. I'm a digital book hoarder folks. The struggle is real. I think I enjoy downloading books more then reading them. Odd. I know. So it got me thinking that there's got to be others out there like me.

Now the original thought was to set up categories and have you pick books out of all the books that are already downloaded to your e-reader. It sounded fun and all, but I can also understand that there are people out there who DO NOT hoard books like me. So in order to make this a fun affair, I want to invite all e-readers into the challenge.

Now here are the rules:

*The challenge will run from March 1st to May 31st. Books you are currently reading are not eligible to be used in this challenge. You must start these books on March 1st.

*All books MUST be available on e-readers. I will check to make sure it is as I am offering a prize at the end of this.

*You must finish all books by the deadline. A no brainer, I know.

* Additional points will be added to those who do pick all books from books already downloaded onto their e-reader. Now we are going with the honor system here folks, so lets be honest.

Now here's the categories:

#1 A book with a one word title - 5 points
#2 A book already downloaded that you have not read - 4 Points
#3 A book you would be embarrassed to admit you read (And tell us why) - 3 points
#4 A book with a color in the title- 4 Points
#5 A non-fiction book that will better your life (Example: The Happiness Project) - 4 points
#6 Pi Day is March 14th- Pick a book with 314 pages (Pi = 3.141592653) - 4 Points
#7 Daylight savings is ending and Spring is coming- Pick a book with the word Spring, Daylight, or Savings in the title. - 4 Points
#8 April Fool's day is coming, read a humorous book - 4 Points
#9 April 22nd is Earth Day. Read a book about Nature, the Earth, or living "Green"- 4 Points
#10 May is the kickoff of Summer and a time where we remember our veterns: Read a book with Summer or Remember in the title.  4 Points

You can accumulate 40 points if you follow this list exactly. If you are able to pick a book from each category that you already had downloaded on your e-reader I will give you an additional 5 points for each book. If you pick all of your books from current downloads your points will double so a total of 80 points. Again please be honest with this. I can not physically see each one of your e-readers to check so please be honest when logging your books.

I will give away a $25 Amazon gift card at the end of the challenge. All participants must be signed up (by linking up to this you are signed up!) to be eligible for the drawing.

Thank you all and good luck! Can't wait to see what everyone will be reading!

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  1. Ooh fun! I'll have to look through books over the weekend and figure out which ones to choose. One thing I'm noticing - a lot of the stuff in my Goodreads list isn't necessarily available for my Kindle subscription, which is kind of a pain and means I have to do a lot more research before I can read anything! Also, I'm not a book hoarder, so thanks for letting me play. :D

  2. Oh no that stinks! And no prob about letting you play! I want this to be fun for all. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love this!! I have been meaning to read more, so hopefully this will push me :-)

  4. Love this idea! Joining in! Ps found u on sits sharefest