I have never really done one of those currently posts, and I thinking about all of the things I have been up to lately, so might as well fill everyone in.

I am currently:

Reading: My Notorious Life by Kate Manning, Such a good book!

Watching: Preparing for House of Cards Season 3 so I have been re-watching season 1 and 2.

Wanting (Materialistic): I am really wanting a tablet. Not sure yet if the iPad Air 2 could be on the list of possibilities. What do you think?

Wanting (Life): A new job. I am ready to spread my wings and finally start building my dream.

Source: Facebook

Planning: An event to remember. Can't talk about it yet though ;)

Hoping: I have lost some weight since my last weigh in a month ago!

Over: WINTER. Need I say more?

Wearing: I am love with my new winter coat. I figured this year I needed an upgrade with all of this brutal cold and snow.

Travels: None planned yet but something should be in the works soon.

Blog: Considering some changes. Lots of ideas being thrown around in my head. I consider May 1st my blogiversary because I officially moved over to Blogger and posted more regularly. If I wanted to get technical I started officially blogging my 1 post a week on February 23rd. So maybe some real changes by May 1st :)

What are you all up to? 

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  1. I love these types of posts. I do them at the end of the month.

    I'm so over winter. I hate being cold. I'm looking forward to spring, better yet, summer. The most important new thing in my life is that we're moving to a new apartment at the end of March. I'm sooo excited. I can't wait. I hate our current apartment and our landlords are nuts. Hahaha.

    Have an awesome.

  2. Love that quote! Good luck finding a new job, that's great that you're going after want you want. Excited to see what you do with your blog :)