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Gratitude on the little things

I struggled with what I wanted to write today. I had a real struggle day yesterday and it really got me down. We all have those moments, I know. I just haven't had one in a hot minute. I am proud of that immensely as I feel like last year I had a year pass on the struggle bus.

I read an article randomly before I went to bed last night that talked about ways to start your day on a better note. One of the things it listed was writing every morning in a journal. Just let your mind wander for 3 whole pages. Write anything that came to mind just to get it out.

At first I thought that sounded a little obsessive. 3 pages? I can barely write one full page let alone 3. I went to bed kind of late and sort of obsessed over whether I would even get up early enough to write before getting to work. I didn't even have anything prepared for this blog today.

As you can see I am posting this at a pretty reasonable time, so the moral of this story is, I manifested enough energy in myself last night to get up an hour and a half early to enjoy the morning. I sat at my kitchen table with the sliding door open listening to the birds chirp while the sun blared in through the windows. I had a cup of coffee, a journal, and a pretty pink sharpie pen and got to work.

I wrote til my little heart was content. Everything I have been holding in this week that lead me to my struggle bus ride yesterday poured out on the pages until there were three whole pages full of hot pink writing. Man did that feel good.

I then sat and reflected on what I had accomplished before I sat down to write this. It was a really great feeling and a great way to start the end of my work week. I am grateful for the little struggles that remind me that life is what you make of it. You have a new start every day to make it right again.

I am going to end my last Friday in April on a positive note.  Can you believe it? When Monday comes again we will be in May. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and remember not to let the little things get you down.

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Gratitude and Grace

It's Wednesday, my nose is stuffy and I'm currently typing this on my phone from my bed with my fluff ball Grace laying on my chest. This is the sick life. I feel very grateful for this moment. There us so much peace and quiet in this moment. I feel at ease and for once that everything will be okay.

That thought reminds me that I haven't set myself any goals for the year yet. Something I was taking the month if January to figure out. As I lay here in peace it makes me want to learn how to be grateful again, even when I've had a bad day.

I've added a slew of books to my reading list this year, in hope to retrain my thoughts to stop focusing only on the negatives.  I've already checked out 5 books from the library to help get me started. I'm planning to read them in between all of my fun reads for the year.

These books put my goals into place for me. I'm going to intertwine all my monthly goals with personal growth and gratitude. On Friday I want to share the books I'm planning to read and how they are shaping out my year.

It's time to take back the positive and make it the best year yet. How are you shaping your year?

Now I'm going back to snuggling with Grace.

Happy Wednesday :)

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