100 Dreams - Week 3

This is going to be short and sweet this week. This mama is exhausted. Between my first full week back to work, power loss inducing thunderstorms, and allergies, I am just beat. I am hoping to get ahead this weekend and write some posts ahead to I can keep on trucking on!

Here are the next dreams on my list! Happy Friday.

21. Win the lottery.
22. Do a professional boudoir session.
23. Own a vacation home by the ocean.
24. Watch my son graduate from high school, and then cheer him on to whatever it is the next stage in his life takes him.
25. Have a mentor.
26. Attend the Kentucky Derby.
27. Wear a fascinator (to the Derby right?).
28. Become an expert at something.
29. Speak another language fluently.
30. Live abroad for at least one year.

Make sure to catch 1-10 and 11-20 if you missed them!

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