100 Dream Project - Week 4

Happy Friday. I hope you are following your dreams in every way possible. Here are the next 10 dreams on my list.

31 Hike the Appalachian Trail
32 Hike to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon
33 Visit the Tulip fields in the Netherlands
34 Attend a wellness retreat (Yoga, Meditation, Silence)
35 Become a master Yogi
36 Visit the Greek Isles and stay in a hotel with a cliff infinity pool with a view
37 Pay off my student loans and be 100% debt free
38 Fly first class
39 Book a vacation with no budget
40 Eat at a fancy restaurant and not look at prices before ordering

Make sure to catch 1-10 , 11-20 and 21-30  if you missed them!

What dreams are you achieving this weekend?

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