It's All About the Weekend Vol. 1

 I have always lived for the weekend in a sense. I can remember when I was in college I worked full-time and went to school at night. I daydreamed all week about that cocktail in my hand as I danced the night away with my friends.

As I journied through my twenties I lived for weekend adventures and trips. I'd drive to NYC or to visit cousins and friends. Mini road trips to concerts or new places to explore were common. I lived for these escapes.

These days there's a different reason why I live for the weekend. Sleep. When I was pregnant with Baby Bloob I was exhausted all of the time. Weekends were for napping.

 Now that my little bundle is here, I look forward to the weekend because R is home and we get to rest and spend time together as a family. We may be tired but it's nice to have a little bit of a schedule where it works.

This past weekend I celebrated my first Mother's Day. It was also baby bloobs due date. He blessed us 5 weeks early and I wouldn't change a second of it. It also came with cleaning and having company.

So even though I live for the weekends and even though I'm pretty tired, I loved celebrating a day for me with my hubs, little man, and my parents. I gave up my sleep to live in the moment.

I won't get these moments back, so moving forward I'm going to live for the weekends where I can live in the moments. Make memories in this new phase of life.

Tired. But so worth it.

Watch for those weekend moments every Monday here on the blog.


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