Birth Story - Part 1

You guys.. Baby bloob is 4 weeks old today! How in the world did that happen? I sure as heck don't know. He is currently grunting in his stroller while trying to nap. Or at least that is what I am hoping is going to happen.

Little man at 4 weeks!
I figured today would be a good day to tell you a little about my little guy and go into the birth story. I am going to break this up into 2 parts because it will get a little lengthy.

If you were following along with this blog prior to this post, you will know that he his actual due day was May 13th, which is this coming weekend and Mother's Day.

When I found out I was due on Mother's Day, I knew it was a sign. I was meant to have this little guy. It was not easy and like many sweet ladies I know, getting pregnant is not the easiest tast. I was 34 when he was conceieved and that put me into the "old" category because I would be 35 when he was born.

I had a pretty text book pregnancy. He was growing and on track and I had no issues. As I got closer to my due date, my stomach was enormous. I got the usual questions... "Are you sure you aren't having twins?" and "When are you due? Are you sure?"

Messy messy bedroom.. oops. One of the last photos I took before baby was  born.

I was surprised I was all belly. I didn't put on any other weight that was noticeable. A total of 27 pounds. I was impressed. Towards the end of my pregnancy I joked that he could come early because I was so big.

Fast forward to April 7th, the day of my baby shower. I was getting ready to go on the 2 hour drive to Pennslyvania which is where the shower was being hosted, when I noticed some extra fluid after using the bathroom. I told R that I thought my water broke. He thought maybe it was just that we were getting close to my due date and that is all that was happening.

I called my mother and she had mentioned maybe it was just the mucus plug, which didn't necessarily mean I was going to have a baby anytime soon. We all agreed it was probably that and we proceeded to travel to my shower. I would just monitor the situation and call my doctor if anything changed.

I had a wonderful time at my shower visiting friends and family. I felt more antsy than usual but was also at that stage where I was pretty uncomfortable no matter what position I was in. I walked around a lot and everyone joked that I was going to make the baby come by doing that.

My shower was robot themed. We also did the nursery in Robots. It is not actually done yet due to little mister coming so early. We are working on it. Will post photos when we have it done. Also.. Baby bloob took the whole, welcome tiny human literally that day...

The shower ended with no unexpected guests, and we headed back home. On the drive I felt a little crampy, so I made the decision to call the doctor when I got home. I was told to head to the hospital to be evaluated so I packed a small bag and hopped in the shower " just in case". We got to the hospital at around 8pm and had a few tests run. While waiting me and R joked that little man wanted to come to his party so bad he got a little routy but now that he missed the party this was just a false alarm.

The nurse came back in with the results, and as she put it, little man REALLY wanted to wear his new clothes, because I was in labor. Say what?!

I was admitted at 8:35pm under the care of one of the doctors on call. Because at the time I was considered 34 weeks 6 days, I was not able to be cared for by a midwife. This would become super confusing as the days went on. More info on that later on.

I was told because my water had broke at 10am that morning, I should expect to have a baby by morning. I was also told to expect a 4 pounder.

Fast forward to midnight. I was not making any progress so I was hooked up to Pitocin to try to get things going. I was on a drip through the night. Because I didn't have a baby by midnight I was now transferred back to the midwives who I was seeing throughout my pregnancy. One of my midwives came in the next morning to check progress. Zero progress had been made.

It was also noted that even though I had amniotic fluid trickling down, not all of my waters had been broken. Let me tell you ladies, no one ever mentions how uncomfortable checking dilation and then breaking your water can be. I was not expecting that kind of discomfort.

But to soothe the discomfort I was told, now we should see a baby anytime now!

So here I was hours later, water broken, pumped full of Pitocin and no sign of a baby coming. My feet and legs were swollen, I was tired and I had no idea what was going to happen next. All I kept getting told was, the baby is fine and so are you. So now all we do it wait...

My poor, poor feet and legs.. they were just so swollen. I thought I was going to pop!
I am going to stop there. That covers 2 days of my labor. Come back on Thursday to read the rest of the story. Part 2 is more emotional for me so I need to cut this up. Not only for length but because I need to keep myself from bawling all over the place. You know, hormones, trauma, etc..

See you back here Thursday, where you may or may not cry with me.

Have a great Tuesday!

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