The back and forth game

Browsing the "draft" section of my "posts" tab on blogger can be quite an adventure. I have started and stopped so many thoughts. Some because I worried what people would think. Some because I got a few sentences banged out and then had no where else to go. Ever have one of those days? Thought you had miles to write only to hit a road block right away.

I have been blogging for 2 and a half years at this point and it still surprises me to see how quickly the motivation and inspiration can come and go. Some days I have what feels like a million ideas all at once and I can't get them all out fast enough, and other days I sit there staring at the screen with literally nothing at all.

Today I want to say screw all the doubts and worries. Screw writers block. I want to write what I am passionate about. I want to write those posts that may make some people feel uncomfortable. Not because it's inappropriate, but because sometimes these subjects need talking about. Today I am also using this as a way to join in with Alyssa over at Alyssa Goes Bang's Back to Blogging Non-Challenge.

So here are the posts I want to hit "publish" on but have be too scared to do up until now:

Fashion posts: Yes I do enjoy clothes and makeup. I do enjoy mixing styles and patterns and putting it all together. I have even been told I am good at these things. Expect to see something more regular soon.

Mental health posts: Yes I know. We go round and round with these ideas, but no one seems to write about them regularly. I am working on something now that I am hoping will open the door a little wider.

Travel posts: I am not so much scared to write about travel as much as I am scared to take more trips. I grew up military and traveled a lot. Now that I am an adult, my wanderlust has grown fiercely and I want to find my wings and get back out there.

What posts are you holding off on hitting "publish"?


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