Ohhh October!

Well here we are again. Another new month with more goals to be had. At this point my goals are really more like themes. I have goals, they just spread further than one month at a time.

In September I decided to have a mic drop moment. Just go with the flow. Stop letting things eat me up. Just have fun.

I think I did okay.. Let's have a good at September:

I saved my brother for the last time. Sad story, but his life is so toxic right now, I can't have it anymore interfering with my own life.

I had my Bachelorette party. That equals fun. And I needed it so bad.

I went to the Great New York Fair for the first time and I ate all the fried things!

And.. I got married!

I think I did well for the month. Mostly going with the flow. Having some fun aND having the best day ever for my wedding.

Now for October. I want to live Fall to its fullest. Leggings. Hoodies. Smores. Wine. Halloween.

This is a magical time and I intend to live it up. My goal/theme will be being the best wife I can be while enjoying the magic in the air.

I'm expecting more blogging. Wedding series. Life recaps and updates. Projects. Cat pictures and stories. And possibly the return of my tea swap!

What are you looking forward to this month?

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