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Finding Peace in Taking a Day Off

If you're like me, you don't take much time for yourself. You throw yourself into whatever is right in front of you and you never look back. You lay in bed at night wondering where your day went and why you didn't get anything done, yet you're exhausted.

This seems to be a pretty common pattern in my house lately. I forget what it's like to find peace in my day. I forget that there is no shame is having a day for me. Finding peace in my heart and soul.

This week I took a sick day from work. I woke up feeling so worn down and exhausted, I knew it was my body telling me, it was time to slow down. It was time to find some peace in my day. I put all work aside and had a wonderful peaceful day.

I spent my morning in my brand new bed. A bed I am so grateful for. A wedding gift me and R gave ourselves from the gracious gifts from our guests (you did hear I got married right?!). I snuggled with my two cats, Rick and Grace. I fixed my cup of tea just like I do when I visit my mom. I lounged on the couch binge watching Gilmore Girls (Did anyone else squeal for joy when the new trailer came out!?). I stayed in my pajamas and didn't care about how my hair looked.

I found so much peace in doing things that were familiar to me. It made for a very nice and relaxing day. It reminded me that taking a sick day wasn't a bad thing.  It was necessary.

Are you afraid of taking sick days? What brings you peace?

Once again I am linking up with Alyssa from Alyssa Goes Bang!


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The back and forth game

Browsing the "draft" section of my "posts" tab on blogger can be quite an adventure. I have started and stopped so many thoughts. Some because I worried what people would think. Some because I got a few sentences banged out and then had no where else to go. Ever have one of those days? Thought you had miles to write only to hit a road block right away.

I have been blogging for 2 and a half years at this point and it still surprises me to see how quickly the motivation and inspiration can come and go. Some days I have what feels like a million ideas all at once and I can't get them all out fast enough, and other days I sit there staring at the screen with literally nothing at all.

Today I want to say screw all the doubts and worries. Screw writers block. I want to write what I am passionate about. I want to write those posts that may make some people feel uncomfortable. Not because it's inappropriate, but because sometimes these subjects need talking about. Today I am also using this as a way to join in with Alyssa over at Alyssa Goes Bang's Back to Blogging Non-Challenge.

So here are the posts I want to hit "publish" on but have be too scared to do up until now:

Fashion posts: Yes I do enjoy clothes and makeup. I do enjoy mixing styles and patterns and putting it all together. I have even been told I am good at these things. Expect to see something more regular soon.

Mental health posts: Yes I know. We go round and round with these ideas, but no one seems to write about them regularly. I am working on something now that I am hoping will open the door a little wider.

Travel posts: I am not so much scared to write about travel as much as I am scared to take more trips. I grew up military and traveled a lot. Now that I am an adult, my wanderlust has grown fiercely and I want to find my wings and get back out there.

What posts are you holding off on hitting "publish"?


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