When Blogging is Awkward

If you're a blogger you've probably found yourself in some kind of awkward situation. Whether it be to get that perfect photo, or talking about a subject that makes others uncomfortable. We have all been there at least once. I thought I would start a series to share my laughable awkward moments. I hope you will follow along and share your laughable awkward moments as well!

Awkward Moment # 257

Friend 1: I have a package that got delivered to my house in your name.

Me: Well that's funny, but either way I'm glad you have it.

Friend 1: Want me to bring it over to you while you're at work?

Me: Sure!

An hour later: Friend 1 shows up with Friend 2 who is a male

Friend 1: Here is the box!

Friend 2: I hope whatever is in that box is important! She ran it right over!

Me: Oh it's just some tampons! No big deal.

Friend 2: Laughs (makes a joke kind of uncomfortable)

Me: I mean it's for blogging. I need to review them.

Friend 1 and 2: Laughs.

Me: Oh blogging! 

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