Making Sunshine on a Monday!

Happy Monday beautiful souls! Today I wanted to do something I have been meaning to start, but due to my intense waves of emotions the last few weeks, it just didn't happen! Today I want to announce my first Random Act of Kindness winner!

Back in May when the blog turned 2, I announced I was changing some of the structure here. I wanted to give back and help as many people as I could through this blog. Whether it be by helpful posts or showing my appreciation with a small gift.

So today I wanted to make someone's Monday by sending them a small gift just because. The very first recipient is.... Christine from Christine Everyday!

Christine is a blogger I "met" back early on in my blogging career. She has been super supportive of my blog and always knows how to cheer me up when I have a bad day. Thank you Christine for being a great person!

Now, are you wondering how to get a Random Act of Kindness from me? It's pretty easy actually. You just need to interact with me on this blog and social media. I can't see how wonderful you are if you don't make yourself known to me! You also don't have to be a blogger to be chosen!

The only thing I ask from you in return if you are chosen is, to pay it forward! Brighten someone's day somehow then tag me so I can see what you did!

As always, I appreciate each and every one of you. No matter how slow I am at getting back to people, know it's not because I don't care. I promise it's not that!

Have a great Monday!

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