Solo Travel

As I was stopped at a stop sign on a country road heading to my parents house, I got a vision. It was me taking off on a road trip across the country. I could see myself driving off, hair blowing behind me as I went on my adventure.

It was obvious that the travel bug has bitten me. I'm itching to get up and go. My whole being aches for the refreshing cleanse that is travel. It's probably not helping to read travel blogs...

I want to be able to take an extended period of time off and travel. I want to see the world off the beaten path. I want to experience beautiful places you only dream about in magazines.

And I want to do it alone.

Yes I want to take a solo trip. I want to take myself out of my comfort zone. I want to experience a retreat for myself. Learn about myself. Learn to face my fears.

I want to be able to strap on a back pack of  only ehatbwhat I'll need and hit the road for a few weeks. Maybe just in my own country. But I know that won't be enough. I want to explore the earth we live on.

My travel list is growing and I need to share it with you. Sharing it will motivate me to make things happen.

So tell me, do you have the travel itch? Where have you traveled and where would you recommend I go?

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