The world is evil sometimes

I don’t normally write about politics, religion, or major news, but this weekend I had a moment where I wanted to break down. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs “WHY?” With so many heartbreaking events happening over the past week plus dealing with my own heartbreaking event, I'm exhausted over my emotions.

I used to think the statement “I don’t feel like adulting today” was cute. I am even guilty of using the phrase myself. But now more and more I feel like the less we want to “Adult” the less we want to “Humanity”. The sad truth is we live in a very selfish, entitled, and unsympathetic world. People are more inclined to turn a cheek the other way than to reach out to help their fellow man. I am not saying EVERYONE is like this, but it happens more than it should.

On Friday I had a spiritual reading. One of the things that stood out to the reader is I have a very bright light in me. I still have faith in humanity, but am slowly breaking. This really opened my eyes wider to all of the ugly in the world today. My heart and soul hurts at every report of man hurting man. At the end of the day, we are ALL human. Why must the world harbor so much hate?

What do we have if we scratch out religion, race, sexual orientation, and entitlement? We have what everyone else has.

Feet. Legs. Arms. Hands. Fingers. A brain. A heart. A body.

We are a vessel that carries organs to keep us alive. We breathe the same air to keep us alive. We eat food to keep us alive.

I don't think I have ever looked at a person and judged them because they were different then me. I may have been curious. I may have not agreed with something they were doing, but over never judged a person strictly for their race, religion, or sexual orientation.


For starters they weren't doing anything to hurt me. And if they were, I had a problem with them, NOT their whole race/religion/orientation.

I don't want to continue to rant on about  this, but the point is, when will we learn that loving one another looks so much better than all of this hate and ugliness?

Can we teach our children to think differently? To look at each person as an individual who can make their own thoughts and decisions?

I sure hope so. Humanity needs it.

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