Let's talk subscription boxes

It's not secret that people love their subscription boxes. You can find a subscription box for just about anything these days. Anything from beauty to fashion to cats, dogs, and chickens. Yes I said chickens. There are niches out there that are so specific, you probably never thought they would work. 

Because there are so many its nearly impossible to try them all. Today I want to talk about the boxes I really, really want to try, but have to hold off until wedding stuff is behind us.. And I'm not talking specifically about the huge boxes like Ipsy and Popsugar Must Have, I'm talking about some of the smaller boxes that have popped up. Let me quit rambling and list them off.

Covert Crate: This is a lifestyle subscription box for professional women. It is delivered bimonthly and has 2 options; Girl Boss and Lady Girl Boss. Its quite pricey with pricing starting at $54.95 for the Girl Boss and $94.95 for the Lady Girl Boss but they seem so fun! The box promises to deliver office supplies, style accessories, office snacks, books, and other items to help and inspire the professional woman.

Lit Cube: Because hello, they have a Stars Hollow box! Who doesn't want a box curated with Gilmore Girls swag?! That is not all this box is about thought. They are a monthly reading box with handpicked books with a variety of genres. It is $34.95 a month. I have been eyeing this one for awhile now. Darn you no spending year due to wedding..

Lavish Bath Box: Who doesn't love a box full of bath goodies? I really love how this box has themes and some pretty great products to try. All of the products are vegan and handmade. I really would love a box like this the night before my wedding for me and my girls. So relaxing and luxurious. Ohh the wheels are turning! The box is $38.95 a month. Not bad..

calmbox: I love this box concept. It is for people who need some inner peace and care. There are things like candles, tea, and meditative items. Nothing I love more than a relaxation box! The box is $35 a month which I think is a bargain for relaxation. Am I right? I will most certainly be subscribing to this one next year!

The Kind Step: This is a new box that I am curating for stepmoms! I am so excited to share this with all of you. I have searched high and low for a box like this for myself. When I couldn't find one, I decided to live my own dream and start one! It is super niche, I get that, but it is a  niche I have a hard time finding out there. There are new mom products, mommy boxes, and everything in between, but nothing to help out a stepmom. You can expect this box to have both self care items as well as tips and advice to stepmoms from stepmoms.

I hope The Kind Step will be on your wish list this fall when we officially launch! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get up to date info and motivation! A sneak peak is coming soon.. but to which account, I will not tell :)

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