Friday Snapshot: Volume 1

Whew! We made it! I am going to try something new today, and hopefully every Friday moving forward. I am going to post a snapshot of my week here. This would include links I loved, links I posted, and weekly updates that I feel shaped me and this blog. So what do you say? Give this a shot with me? Also the winner is announced for my first giveaway! She has been emailed but I will announce it at the bottom of this post!

In case you missed it

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Wedding Wedneday: Inspiration
Blogging: How I'm Making Small Changes for Big Results

Updates this week

I made a few updates on the blog appearance. In case you haven't noticed, my sidebar photo is new and I also updated my 'About Me' page. Run on over and check that out!

I have really upped my game when it comes to photos. I really enjoy photography but have really slacked when it came to taking quality photos. Between using my DSLR and stock photos, I have cleaned up my images. This makes me smile. 

I am toying around with posting 4-5 days a week. I am ending this week with 4 posts. I am feeling confident that I can do this now and put out quality content. Please forgive me if I miss a day.

Coming up next week

This weekend R and I will be having our engagement photos. I expect I will have some commentary on that come my Wedding Wednesday post.

I am working on a few new ideas to work into my blogging rotation. One being this particular series. I want to be able to share favorites links from other bloggers along with products and such I am into. I may even start a 'Favorites' post incorporating all the things that make up this blog: Fitness, Thrity, and all round life things.

I vowed to work on posting more photos of myself. I have taken a few photos for a post that I am planning to share this week on simple wedding makeup, even when your face is breaking out.  I am excited for this. I hope you all enjoy it.

My first newsletter goes live! Have you subscribed yet?


The winner of my first giveaway is:

Katherine C from Katherine's Corner! Congrats!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Thank you all for the support! This place means so much to me and having you all here makes it that much better! Happy weekend!

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