Everyday I feel like I get more and more behind here on this space. I have a million ideas I want to feature and just like that they don't happen. I am a true believer that we should write for quality and not quantity. I also believe that if I promise to write 3 days a week that I should. See the issue? I feel conflicted.

Lately something has been really off and I have no motivation at all. Just a few short weeks ago I had every intention of relaunching my brand and starting some new things. Yet here I am still struggling to get anything launched.

I though having the long weekend would help me get back on track but that only landed me in the hospital with an off the wall diagnosis. Now that gives me one more reason to not get motivated. One more reason to worry.

It's supposed to be summer and things are supposed to be great, but why do I get the feeling this Summer is going to give me a run for my money? And not in the good way.

Anyone else feel like this? Something got you stalling?  I'd love to know I'm not alone, but also not looking for pity. Just love hearing your stories :)

Happy Tueaday.

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  1. I so get this feeling! I have felt like I'm in a holding pattern for a while now, and just feeling so blah lately! I have a lot of ideas for my blog too, but I'm having a hard time feeling motivated to make them happen!

  2. I'm still enjoying the writing, but I'm less on top of the commenting and social interactions. I also don't hold myself to a required number of posts - I think that makes it easier to stay interested, because I'm only writing when I want to (typically I'll have an inspired week or 2, schedule up about a month's worth of posts, and then stop writing for a couple weeks). But I should probably comment more, instead of just reading and moving on!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you were sick! I think we all experience what you are feeling right now. When it happens to me I just give into it and go through it. Fighting it isn't productive. The slump ends soon and you end up feeling refreshed.

  4. I am sure hoping so. I needed a break but I am still on the cusp of feeling burnt out. Soon I should be back to normal.

  5. I am really guilty of just reading and moving on lately. I feel like I have no energy half the time so I read and go on making mental comments. I know that doesn't help out the blogger though.

  6. It is so tough, especially when life gets crazy and your motivation goes out the window when you get home from work at night. Hopefully things will improve for both of us!