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Keeping goals can be tough at times, but they really are helpful for personal and professional growth. May was really rough for me, and the only real goal I set for myself was adjustment. Moving in with R was definitely hard and a major adjustment, but while trying to work on that my job became extremely demanding and I fell ill. I am a strong believer of stress and illness going hand in hand. I certainly burnt myself way out this month and so many things suffered because of it. This space included.

With this all said, I am not sad to see May go and to set some healthy goals for June. Each month I have set a happiness project goal with a word that will define what I am working on. I believe June needs to be Balance. We are in our halfway point in June for 2015. I am going to look at what I already have accomplished this year and what else I need to do to get back on track. Balance it all out.

Goals I set this year and how I need to re-work them:
  •  January - Re-Focus & Relax - I need to get back to focusing on what's important and finding ways to relax to make the stressful days a little less harsh on my body. I need to look at this blog again and get things back on track to what I was working towards in April.
  • February -  Friendship and Fitness - I can't remember the last time I have been to the gym or practiced yoga. The yoga alone will help with both January and February goals. I am doing good in the friendship department for once, but need to nail down some fun summer adventures with them.
  •  March - Getting Organized -  For the most part I have felt pretty organized even with all of the chaos going on. I am missing my planner due to the first move and that has thrown me off a bit, but I seem to be doing okay. The real challenge will be once the new move is complete. 
  • April - Opportunities -  I had quite of a bit of opportunities to participate in. I also really started to re-vamp my blogging brand. I had so many ideas and such. I need to get back to that and put myself back out there. Continue to show growth in my personal and professional life. 
 So there is what I need to re-work this month. Get everything back on track. I also need to get my summer bucket list prepared and have some fun. The demands of May really threw me over the edge. May didn't bring all bad though. I was featured in my very first online magazine and I got to visit with an old friend who was in town for the big graduation of a friend. There's always a silver lining folks.

May your June be great! :) Farewell May.

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  1. I haven't done any goals in a while, because I had to go into "survival mode" just to deal with the day-to-day stuff. But my to do list is finally shrinking and maybe I can get back to making monthly goals!

    I think it's good to think back to past goals, especially when it's habit-building stuff and not just a list of tasks. They say once you do something for 30 days it's a "habit" and it's easy to keep going but I've built several habits and then once the month was over felt no compulsion to continue, so it's really not as simple as all that.