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Fit-Trish: Healthy Snacks!

Welcome back to the second week of Fit-Trish where I share with you tips on leading a healthy lifestyle on a budget! If you missed last weeks premiere post, you can find it here. Just to recap, last week I offered you the best thing you can do for free to help you live that active healthy life. This week I am talking about snacks! Just because they are snacks, doesn't mean they are bad for you. Remember that. We all need that little something to hold us over in between meals. I have put together a few of my favorite on the go snacks for you to check out.

Almonds, Fiber One, Vitamin Shoppe
I like things that are convenient on the go. These are a few of the things I have been trying out.

 I am very fond of anything gummy. I found these Fiber One gummies at Walmart. They are fruit snacks for adults! They are packing the fiber so you can feed your sweet tooth while filling up. A pack of 10 at Walmart is $2.00. I think that is pretty darn cheap considering the kids snacks can cost up to $4.00 a box!

Almonds have always been a favorite of mine. They can be quite pricey so this isn't a snack I purchase all of the time, but when I am looking to treat myself I will splurge. They help you cut cravings down in between meals and they have healthy fats. I recently got a Vox Box from Influenster (See the button on sidebar) and this lovely little bag of blueberry almonds by Blue Diamond was included. They are really yummy and really hit the spot. If you are craving almonds you can always go for the store brand which tends to be cheaper and tastes just as good!

Another product I received in my Vox Box was the Next Step Jaxx Shaker Cup from The Vitamin Shoppe along with some samples of their Fit N Full shakes. I have tried these and as much as I have a love/hate relationship with shakes, this one isn't bad. I can't use this as a meal as the packet indicates but it is a nice snack for in between meals for me.  I am a really big fan of the shaker cup more than anything and plan to use this for all kinds of things in the future! Surprisingly it isn't expensive at all! You can get the shaker cup for $5.99 on The Vitamin Shoppe's website. The Next Step program looks like a great program, but if you are on budget like me that will probably be a little to pricey. As an alternative you can pick up a protein powder at your local grocery store or make smoothies with fresh or frozen fruits and veggies. 

 Speaking of fruits and veggies, they are probably the best thing you can do for snacks. What I normally do here to keep the cost down is buy only what is on sale that week. This way you are keeping costs down and you get to switch it up every week. Sometimes you can also get cheap fruits and veggies from a local farmers market. I also like to buy cheese when its on sale to cut into cubes and take as an on the go snack.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your snacks. Switch it up weekly to keep interest. You don't want to deprive yourself to the point you dive into a bag of chips or devour a whole pack of oreo's in one sitting. I find switching up the fruits and veggies along with my gummies seems to keep me pretty satisfied. These items aren't breaking the bank and I am starting to feel better about my choices. 

What do you think of my favorite snacks? Do you have favorites? Please share you ideas! 

Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you back next week for more tips to a healthy lifestyle on a budget!

Xo Trish
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