Amazon Purchases Vol 1

Like many people these days, I do A LOT of my shopping on Amazon. Having a new baby in the house makes it hard to get out and shop, so throwing stuff in my cart and having Prime really makes life that much easier. I mean if I am being honest, I don't like to go out and shop, so I have been shopping this way since wayyyyyy before the baby. #lazyshopper

Let's see what I bought in June... (This post does include affiliate links btw)

We have been trying REALLY hard not to buy new furniture until we buy a house next year. I purchased this H.VERSAILTEX slipcover in the pretty blue to keep things fresh (and cover the damage my cats cause from thinking the couch is a scratching post!)

I really like this cover. It was really easy to put on and the price was pretty sweet ($45.99 and Prime approved!). We bought a pretty expensive one after our wedding back in September of 2016 and this one is comparable, but it almost feels more durable. I am excited to see how it goes.

Now that I am getting more serious with my blog again (and I really like to take selfies) I decided to try out a ring light for my phone. We all know we use our phones WAY more then we want to admit when it comes to taking photos (and pretty much everything else in life). This light by QIAYA is pretty great. For $12.99 and Prime approved, it is worth the try. It has 3 different lighting options and easily clips onto your phone.
We drink a lot of coffee in my house and we use a Keurig. It was time to get some new reusable K-Cups, and this 4 pack from iPartsPlusMore seemed to fit the bill. Now we have 4 to use so there is no more washing each one out immediately to make the next cup of coffee. At $10.85, I call that a win, plus we are saving the environment but not throwing away all of those plastic cups.

 Last, but not least, I purchased this swaddler by Love to Dream for Baby Bloob. I came across a link for it in a group I'm in and like a million moms swear by it. It offers a design that allows your little one to have their arms up above their heads rather than swaddled at their sides. Baby Bloob does not like his arms confined and will wiggle his way out of a blanket swaddle in no time. This has been a pretty great purchase. It's lightweight too, so it doesn't overheat the little one in the summer heat.
Do you have any of those items? Do you need any of those items? They are all pretty great. No fails here which makes me happy! How often do you shop on Amazon?

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