Dear July

Well hello there July. Nice to see you. Hoping you have better plans for me then June had. I don't think I could handle another gut wrenching month where there were surprises around every corner. I mean a girl loves her surprises but you've got to leave some room for routine. Am I right?

 You've already proven to be useful with finally finding my planner that has been missing for 8 weeks. What else can you pull out of your hat?
Perhaps some sunshine, as June drenched us up here in the northeast.

That goes to say if you can follow through on the sunshine and no rain, we should have great firework weather. I feel like you kind of screwed us over the last few years with just enough rain to get the fireworks cancelled.

One more request and I promise we will be friends again, make sure nothing gets in the way of my first ever blogging conference at BlogHer15 in NYC. Looking foward to going and meeting some great new peeps.

Thanks for understanding July.

Blogger who just wants to be able to take photos of the darn foreworks without rain.

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  1. Agree! Here's hoping for some nicer weather and that things calm down for you!

  2. Thanks lady! I hope you have a great holiday weekend!