Mid-Week Update

I don't normally do a mid-week update but I have not had a chance to do much on the blog this week in preparing for the move starting tomorrow. Over the weekend was R's birthday and we went away to a lovely little cabin in central NY. We had a really nice time and I expect to write a review of the whole trip either Friday or early next week.

I have a swap sign up going on for the Summer Tea Swap 2015. If you like hot or cold tea this is a swap for you! Head over and get yourself signed up!

I also have made an almost certain decision that I am going to attend the Blog Her conference in NYC next month. I have a place to stay and the tickets aren't that bad for the price so it may happen. Anyone else planning to attend? I would love to meet up!

I will officially be in my new apartment this weekend with R. So excited to make this final move and start making a place feel like our home. Once I am all settled I can start focusing more on the blog and getting all those fabulous ideas out into the world!

How's your week going so far?

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  1. I was heavily debating attending BlogHer! The main reason I'm not is because I'm running short on vacation days for the year. :( I should have planned better. I hope it's awesome and you get to meet lots of fun bloggers!

  2. I would love to go to BlogHer someday!