I went to the Grammy's!

Welcome back to another edition of my version of #TBT! Every Thursday I will be featuring a post that was originally posted on my old blog that couldn't be transferred over here to Blogger. This week's post was an actual #TBT post where I shared my ultimate bucket list cross off. I hope you enjoy it!

#tbt: A bucket list item checked off

Originally Posted: 05/01/2014

Why am I so shiney?!
It is only Thursday and I am completely wiped out. I admit I am taking the easy way out by posting a throw back Thursday post, but I at least made it a fun one! But first a little back story on this one. There is a great story behind it. Promise.

Ever since I can remember I wanted to go to music's biggest night, the Grammy Awards. In my little girl mind I was going one day and no one was going to stop me! Funny I never had plans to be an actual musician, but I had big plans otherwise.

When I turned 18 and was old enough to "gamble" as most sweepstakes are categorized this way, I began to enter contests for trips to the Grammy's. Mostly through magazine entries because back then (I make myself sound sooooo old) we had internet but there weren't as many options like we have today. I would search and find any contests related to the Grammy's (There weren't many.. trust me I looked) and entered them all. This process went on for years.

The internet became more and more about social media and brands connecting with all of us out in the interwebs so to speak. More and more opportunities came up to enter giveaways and contests. I was now in my mid twenties and was starting to doubt my little girl dreams. I decided to add that dream to my "bucket list" and move on. If it were meant to be it would happen (That doesn't mean I stopped entering contests though! Addiction,).

I had made a few life changes towards the end of my twenties and was in a dark place. I was unemployed, in a horrible relationship, and just plain depressed. It also didn't help that it was December. And winter. My only out was surfing the net and entering contests. Yes, yes I do have a problem. I entered thousands upon thousands of contests in just a months time.

I found a job in January, met new people and things looked up. Then it was July. July of my 29th year. The best July of my life (So far..). I was searching through my junk mail.. random I know. There is a story behind that but we won't get into that today, or maybe ever. There it was. An email claiming "YOU ARE THE WINNER! CONGRATS". I was hesitant to open that email. What had I won? Why is it in my junk mail? Is this a scam?
I opened it. Thank God. I just found out I had won a trip to the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Still skeptical I made a few phone calls before I completely freaked out. It was legit. My dream had come true. My biggest bucket list item had been crossed off. It had only taken 29 years of my life, but I was on my way! Never give up on that dream!

Okay so that turned into the longest #tbt post ever, although I'm not sorry. To this day it still excites me to remember that day. A dream come true. No story about the trip itself today, as this has already went longer than anticipated. You will just have to come back to see that post! It will be fun! I swear!

So there you have it. I did indeed go to the Grammy's and I will write about it someday on this blog. But let this be a sign that you to can win if you just keep on trying. Your dreams will come true! It only took me 29 years :)

Make it a great Thursday all!

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