Dream Job

Here we are again at another Monday. If you're like me, Monday is so hard to get moving. Another full week ahead at a job I am not in love with. This thought brought me the idea to write about what my dream job would be if I could have it. Monday wouldn't be so bad if you absolutely loved your job.

Do you all remember Samantha Brown? She hosted a show called "Great Hotels" on the travel channel. I loved that show. Samantha would travel to hotels all over the United States and do all of the things it was known for. Everything from eating the signature dish in the restaurant to visiting the local area. It was pretty awesome.When I watched the show I always thought, "wow, that is a pretty sweet job. How can I do it?" I love to travel. I would go somewhere new every week if I could. My dream job would definitely include traveling to great places with great spaces for sure.

Now I would of course take this to another level. I would need to spend at least a week at the hotel because I would need to see everything in the area. I would want to experience not only the hotel but the foundation to why that hotel is special and why the area makes it special. I would have my camera in hand to take photographs and capture the magic the location has to offer. I have a passion to take beautiful photos of beautiful places. I strongly believe every picture tells a story and not one person can tell the same story of the same setting.

Since I am planning to stay a week at each location I will surely meet new people. You will meet locals and other travelers alike. The locals want to showcase their home and show you more of it. Travelers will want to tell you about their homes and where they are headed. This is the perfect way to build new relationships and also connect with new places and spaces to visit.

If I could get up every Monday and be in a new place to explore with my camera and new people to meet, I would have my dream job. This would make me happy. This would make my blog happy as well. Lots of tails to be told, and lessons to be learned. Now all I need is someone to sponsor my travels and I would be set to create. If only dreams came true...

Happy Monday all! Make it a good one!

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