How I Went Viral

How I went Viral

It's no secret that the goal these days for budding influencers is to go viral. Everyone wants that viral video or ahem blog post to get noticed. Let me tell you about when I went viral. Was it due to SEO? Probably not. It was right here on this blog. Weird right? That's exactly what I thought one day after noticing I had thousands of visitors every day for a week. This was over a year after I wrote the blog and after I had downsized how often I was writing quite a bit. I of course needed to go investigate where they were coming from.

I wrote a post in November of 2016 about the outfits I wore through all of the wedding festivities leading up to my wedding. It just so happened I had met someone who became a friend who sold Lularoe. You remember the craze of Lularoe when it came out right?

Well if you don't, think buttery soft leggings. Anyway, I just so happened to wear a lot of Lularoe at that time in my life and because I was dabbling in writing more about fashion at the time, I decided to write this post

Well, let's just say there is a Reddit thread dedicated to how much people dislike Lularoe and someone posted my blog post in that feed. Someone thought I was a retailer for Lularoe and posted how crazy I was to try to sell my product at my wedding.. which wasn't true by the way. 

The person I did buy my clothes from does still sell Lularoe today and you can find her website here. She is a great person who really knows her stuff about style and sizing. If you're looking for help, check her out. This isn't a place to debate whether you like the company or not, so let's not go there, please. 

The point of this post is to remind people that going viral can be very random. Things you never thought in a million years would somehow end up posted where a lot of eyes see it. It could've been something you did just for fun with no intention of anyone ever seeing it.

I know it's frustrating. I worked in marketing for a decade before I started my own business and it was always so hit or miss on what took off and what didn't. Things that I spent hours or days on went nowhere and things I posted on a whim would get the most views and engagement. It is a simple reminder that being original is the best way to get noticed. 

So to end this post with a giggle, I now rank on Google for Lularoe. That post is still my most viewed of all time and I strongly believe it is why I still get thousands of hits on this blog each month without posting anything at all. I just looked and one of my top posts viewed this month was a blog about visiting Maine back in 2014. Not too shabby for being almost 10 years old. SEO at its finest. That being said, in 2024 this blog is coming back to life. 

I know I have said that before, but it's happening. It will always be a place of adventure and wonder and will intertwine my current life shenanigans and things to educate in places I feel worthy of educating. Currently, I spend a lot of time working on my businesses which focus on marketing, social media, writing, and holistic services. I know it's a hodge podge of things that somehow fit together. If you want to see what that looks like, visit my website at Zen Between the Chaos

Hope to see you in the new year! Enjoy the rest of 2023!
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