Reaching Goals Revamped

Is February like January to anyone else? And what I mean by that is something kicks into gear and I get motivated for my goals again. 

I seem to have a track record of coming back to old projects, thinking up new ideas or simply feeling like I'm making progress in February. Enter, the blogs back together. 

I got super motivated when I realized my Facebook page for this blog is still active. If you're not following me there, please do. I'm gonna post fun stuff there again. 

Also, what socials do you all prefer these days? Are we all hanging out on TikTok? Is Instagram still cool? Is there anyone who isn't angry at Facebook? Anything new I'm not up to date on? Drop your responses in the comments or on my Facebook page. 

Anyway.. I promised I would write a post to outline stuff I would be writing here moving forward. I hope this is helpful.


1. Lifestyle Stuff: Cool things I like and think you may like too. Maybe some minor fashion. Maybe

2. Life Stories: Our stories can often be the manuals for others to navigate their own lives. I have a lot of manuals to share and like to keep most of them in humor to keep it lite, but there are also some heavy topics I could touch on. 

3. Spirituality: Like mind, body and spirit stuff. Over the years I've done a lot of soul searching and got certified in some things.
 Yoga, Reiki, Life Coach, and other random little things I can speak on. I also like touching on the psychology of marketing. 

4. Entrepreneur Stuff: I've been an entrepreneur for about 3 years now full time. I suppose you can call this blog a part of my entrepreneur journey because early on it was generating money. 

*Fun fact, I did such a good job with building this blog that I don't even have to blog for years and still get thousands of views a month. I had to figure that all out on my own a decade ago. 

5. Wellness: I have a lot of stories to tell about health and wellness. This includes things like dealing with black mold, being frustrated when doctors don't listen, food sensitivities, yoga, journaling, weight struggles, healing on multiple levels: mind, body and soul, mental health and ADHD and the list goes on. 

6. Book Review: I'm reading a ton so I might share here, but mostly I mat share some of the book I'm currently writing. It's fiction rom-com featuring a woman with ADHD. I'm proud of where it's going and would be honored to get feedback from you. 

There are a lot of things here. I've never wanted to settle on just one subject. I'm sure I could but my ADHD mind would get bored so I would just assume so would yours. 

I'm excited for this space. I'm excited to come back regularly. And I'm glad to unlearn some of the marketing strategies I've learned over the years because I realized that when I focused heavily on marketing and what everyone else said or did I lost my path and my authentic voice. 

I don't want to write for views. I want to write because I can help people while also healing myself with my words. 

Talk soon. 

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