Hello April!

Happy April! Happy New Moon! We are in Aries season and in case you haven't noticed, the energy has been a little whiney. It took me reading my new moon update to connect the dots of that "woe is me" stuff I have been feeling. I have caught myself complaining a lot this week and wanting to give up in a tantrum like a 2-year-old would. 

Not fun, friends, not fun. 

I know you didn't come here for my rambles, or maybe you did? Either way, I am glad you are here. This is another one of those re-introduction posts. What better time than on the new moon?

I have been busy working behind the scenes learning how to be an entrepreneur and run my own business. You know it is serious when you actually have to hire an accountant to help you get through it all. Math scares me, so taxes always give me heart palpitations on a normal day. 

In early 2021 I decided to start a side hustle doing virtual assistant work for health/wellness/spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs. I was so successful in this area that I almost become overwhelmed. I know, not a bad problem to have, but this was just supposed to be a side hustle. 

Around the time I decided to do this, I also started my life coaching certification because since I could remember I wanted to combine my yoga certification with life coaching. I had this vision and I knew I could make it work, I just needed to get additional tools to get there. 

Today I am working on a website to combine self-development coaching that incorporates meditation, reiki, and yoga principles and my business services.

I approach both areas with an open heart. I can help people in both life and business and it doesn't have to be mutually exclusive to one thing. Coaching can help both business owners/entrepreneurs and those who just need guidance in life. 

I focus all of my energy on what each client needs. This is not about me, it is about you. 

What can you expect from this blog moving forward? For starters, this space has grown with me over the years. It has been around since 2014 and continues to evolve. 

I will still be writing lifestyle posts with a mix of business (fun posts I swear) and spiritual topics. Now when I say spiritual, I mean living a holistic life. It can be a little woowoo at times if you will. It will mainly focus on mind/body/soul topics - yoga, meditation, healing, and other fun topics. 

I am here to educate and guide in all that I do. I have been walking down this path for many years and am super excited to continue to be able to offer you all the knowledge I have learned and to learn from all of you. 

I am offering free meditation on Saturday mornings on Instagram. If you are interested join me at 10:00am EST here. Give me a follow so you don't miss anything exciting coming up!

Thank you for continuing down this path with me and look for at least one new post a week. I want to commit to more but I don't want to let ya down if I don't get more than one up. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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How to Find the Best Life Coach for You

Life Coach Tips

Have you been thinking about working with a life coach, but aren't 100% sure what you are looking for or what to expect? 

Today's post will guide you through a couple of different tips to help you choose the right coach for you for the outcome you are after. 

What Kind of Coach Should I Hire?

There are so many different types of coaches out there:
  • General Life Coaches
  • Self Development Coaches
  • Spiritual Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Financial Coaches
  • Relationship Coaches
And the list goes on and on and on. You can find a coach for just about everything these days. It can get pretty overwhelming when trying to decide what kind of coach you want, and who fits well with your needs. 

You should start by brainstorming what your end goal is. Are you strictly looking to work with a business coach? What is the end result there? Advice on how to start? Help with scaling your business? 

Maybe you are looking to work on your mindset or get past some bad habits you have that are standing in your way of moving forward in your life. 

It doesn't really matter what it is you want to work on, there is definitely a coach out there for you. But, you need to decide WHAT you want to work on before seeking a coach. Trust me. This will make it much easier to feel comfortable that you are hiring the right coach for your needs. 

What is the Commitment to Working with a Coach?

You have decided WHAT you want to work on, now you need to determine your commitment to your goals.. Start by writing down how much time you plan to spend working on your goals. Remember, coaching takes time. Change won't happen after only 1 or 2 sessions. You need to build that momentum each session to work towards your goals. 

Most coaches have set requirements on how long you will work with them. It is common to be asked to commit to 3-6 months AT MINIMUM. Now you may be thinking, Woah, Woah, Woah, slow down! I want to work on XYZ, not dedicate my life to this person. 

To be fair, your coach wants you to succeed. They can't help you succeed in your goals with only 1-2 sessions. This is why you go back to my first recommendation and really know WHY you want a coach. This is an investment for you. You are investing in yourself to help better an area (or 2 or 3) of your life. 

Connecting with a Coach

Every coach has a different style and things they consider their expertise. Setting up a call with the coach before starting work with them is usually required, but should be something you do even if the coach does not automatically offer it. 

You will be spending quite a bit of time communicating with this person. You want to make sure they are a good fit for you and can help you with your end goal. Not everyone will mesh with you and that is okay. You could be recommended to the BEST COACH EVER according to your best friend or Google, but if they don't align with you, the work will just feel like work. You won't be excited about it.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

Coaching can range in price depending on the programs offered, experience, and whether the coach is sought after. According to Bark the average cost for coaches in 2022 is between $65 and $125 USD an hour. Your coach may charge you by session or ask for the first 3 months to be paid for in advance. This is important to ask when booking. 

Now that we have gotten through all of that, do you feel more confident when making a decision in a life coach? I sure hope you do. 

I am here to answer any questions you may have about coaching in general or about the coaching I personally offer. I do offer self-development coaching with a spiritual twist. That just means I add things into the session like meditation and Reiki healing. These modules are very effective in accomplishing goals for growth development. 

Leave any questions in the comments and follow me on Instagram for more tips and motivation on how to create the life you have always imagined. 

Chat soon, friends!

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Lets Get Metta

When you hear the word Metta, you are probably thinking about Facebook and their new identity, or whatever that is. They are actually called Meta, with one T. I just want to clarify, we will not be taking a closer look at the name change of Facebook, although that could be fun another day.
Tomorrow is the first day of February and what does the second month of the year normally signify, other than more winter, if you live somewhere that gets snow. February can be a doozy sometimes for snow. 

If you guessed the month of love or heart health month, you're correct! This is why I have decided the theme of the month will be Metta - which means positive energy and kindness towards others. Metta is often known as loving-kindness meditation. 

The goal of metta meditation is to cultivate kindness for all beings, including yourself. When I think of days like Valentine's day, I often think about loving ourselves and doing nice things for ourselves rather than buying and expecting from others. 

Practicing self-love and metta is such a powerful thing. It not only allows you to fall into a better relationship with yourself but also with others around you. Our relationship with ourselves often shows up in how we handle relationships with others. 

If you are ready to focus on the heart chakra and bring all the love this year, I invite you to join my Facebook group, Zen Between the Chaos.

 I will be hosting weekly live meditation and mindfulness exercises on Saturday mornings. In the month of February, we will focus on love and the heart. We will do metta meditation, self-love affirmations, heart chakra activations, and other exercises to align with the theme. 

The group is a safe space for those who identify as women. I hope to see you there are we celebrate a month of love. Stay tuned here for more here as we stick with the theme on the blog as well!

Namaste loves!

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Stepping out of the Darkness into the Light

How many times have you felt like you needed to re-introduce yourself to the world? I hope the answer to that is more than once. Why you ask?

Every day is a new opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself. That doesn't mean everyday people will see you as a new person, but you are working towards that next part of you. Leveling up if you will. 

I often refer to these introductions as stepping out of the darkness into the light. We are stepping out of the shadow of our old selves into the light of our next level up. And this can also mean that something you have been working on for YEARS can finally make sense to you and you step into it. 

This can be something like a belief you have. Maybe you are afraid to show the talent you have to the world because you are afraid of what others may think. You continue to hide it, even though you REALLY love it and you slowly feel like you are lying to yourself and those you love. 

This feeling can keep you stuck in that area of your life. You may not be able to move forward because of that. Maybe the talent is an amazing business opportunity, but again, you are afraid of what others think. You also dislike your current job. You wish you could do something else. 

Because you are hiding your talent, which could potentially become a business venture, you may continue to stay stuck in your career. You stay at jobs you don't like because you have to have a job. You aren't trusting yourself enough to take the leap on your talent. 

Do you see where that is all leading?

So let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you did something you REALLY loved?

I mean, your heart was so full, you felt like fireworks were going off around you and you just knew this was your jam? 

That's the kind of love I am asking about. 

I have found as I have talked to people over the last 2 years that they realized how much of themselves they had been hiding from the world. Talents, hobbies, points of joy. Things that light them up and make them extremely happy to get up every day. 

You need to step out of that darkness of being afraid and into the light where your heart is full. 

This is a lesson I learned recently myself. I pushed away a business name for YEARS because I never thought it was good enough. Didn't think it was professional. Was afraid no one would want to work with me. I FINALLY change my social media handles to Zen Between the Chaos after an ah-ha moment right before Christmas. Since I did that, I have had more inspiration, more ideas, and more support than I ever thought possible. 

This blog will also be The Trish List, but if you have been here a while you probably noticed, I have referenced it as my zen between the chaos for a few years. It is even in my little bio. The name haunted me for so long as a business name. 

I stepped out into the light and it is all falling into place now. I am ready to share that business with the world and I am no longer afraid of what people will think. A new website is coming soon. I will explain more soon!

Step out into the light friends! Chat soon!

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It's my 6th Blogiversary!

You may call me cheesy for this one, but 6 years ago today, I graced your presence for the first time here on the interwebs. It's legit, here's my first post: Welcome, Welcome To My New Home!

I don't know about you, but just that sentence up there makes me sound old. HAHA. 

Truth of the matter is, a lot of people don't make it past a year in blogging. They start for fun, then it becomes a job they didn't expect it to be, and then they burn out. I know, I have been there millions of times over the past 6 years. I never gave up on this space though.

Just thinking about how different blogging was in general when I started to how it is today is mind blowing. I remember buying ads on other peoples blogs in hopes that someone would click on it and find me. That still exists to a point, but it isn't as popular amongst bloggers as it was then. 

There definitely wasn't TikTok. I went hard on Twitter though. I got a lot of my traffic from there. I can still remember it like it was yesterday.. scheduling those all tweets every hour. Quotes, sharing other people's posts, and of course my own. Oh the memories! Fun fact: I once won a contest on twitter with a scheduled tweet. 

This blog has seen many phases of my life. I was just looking at the pages I created and made active and inactive over the years. My thrifty/freebie page did really well. Not sure why I stopped doing that. I'm still a thrifter who loves a good freebie. 

I did the fashion/Stitch Fix thing. I styled the clothes and posted photos of myself in them, back before I had a baby. Now I'm just hoping to lose the baby weight one day. 

I was offered sponsored posts. I did a few and they were fun, but it wasn't something I could keep up with at the time. I always felt like I was being pulled in a million directions. I give all you mamas out there who hustle with the kids, the posts, the jobs, and whatever else gets thrown at you. It definitely isn't easy. 

My blogging came to a screeching halt once my little one was born. I suffered hardcore postpartum depression and went through some rough times that never lead me back to blogging regularly. I showed up here and there when I thought I had something to say. It's worked for me. 

The little one turned 3 last month. We are a year into a pandemic. I lost a job. Started a new one. 2020 decided I needed to think hard about my future. 2021 kicked me into starting my own business as a result of 2020. Then 2021 said, why not get your life coaching certification too?! Why not! You only live once right?

And here I am, after all the crazy, 6 years in wanting to blog again. Wanting to share my stories and my craziness with you all. I haven't figured it out 100% yet, but I have committed to posting once a week for now. Maybe twice if I get excited. 

So thanks to all of you who have been with me for the long haul. Welcome to those who are new and have no idea what I am talking about. I can't wait to see what the next 6 years look like (or 6 months? LOL). 

See ya around! 

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