Friday Chat featuring 100 Dreams Project vol 7

Happy Friday folks! Man it was a long one. If you read my post from yesterday, you know it was just one of those weeks.

I had a ton of posts sort of prepped for this week, but not 100% ready to go, so that was a big fail on my part. The time just never came. Now I have all kinds of stuff for next week, which is nice.

Anywho.. I am looking forward to my weekend. I have a sort of busy day on Saturday, but all good things. My parents are coming to visit with us and then me, R, and the bloob are headed to a Jack and Jill bridal shower.

So let's get into 5 things that are worth chatting about from this week.

1. 100 Dreams Project

I can't believe I am already up to number 70! This is my seventh week sharing my dreams with all of you. It has been really eye opening and I just cant believe how easy it has become to share my inner desires with the world. Have you ever written yours down? For more info on the project, visit the intro here.

61. Fly in a glider
62. Take a honeymoon (We will be married 2 years in September and haven't done this yet)
63. Renew my vows in 20 years
64. Pose nude for an artist confidently
65. Record a song in a recording studio
66. Meet the royal family (The Winsors)
67. Show my son the world
68. Write a novel that gets adapted into a movie.
69. Visit world renowned spas around the world.
70. Practice yoga in India

2. All the books!

I went to the library this week and walked out with 4 books. That is A LOT for me. I am hoping I can read them all. They are all mostly books on business related topics. I remember a time when non-fiction books bored me to tears. Now I devour them. The more knowledge I can get, the better.
What about you? What are you reading these days?

3. Baby Bloob is 3 months old!

How in the world is that even possible?! I don't want to believe it, but he has grown so much over the past 2 weeks. He smiles more. He stays awake and interacts more. He SLEEPS more. The only thing that I am not as excited for is, he is starting to teeth.

He is not so great yet with his hands and holding things, so I had to buy one of those pacifier teethers for him. He is still a little unsure about it, but I an tell he likes the feeling on his gums. I am sure he will warm up to it soon.

It looks like he will be keeping his blue eyes. That makes this momma super happy. Everyone says he looks like his dad, but it's nice to see a little bit of me in him. He's got those Irish eyes. They make my heart melt!

Also I am still really on the fence on whether or not I want to share photos of my little. I love him to pieces and I love to talk about him, but I am still not sure I want to share his photos on the internet yet. We will see as things go, but this is how I feel right now.

If you have kids, how do you feel about sharing on your blog/social media/etc?

4. Postpartum Body

This week I really started working on losing some of this weight. It was time. Bloob is 3 months old and I need to stop making excuses. He will only be running all over the house soon. I need to be able to keep up. I am cutting down my carb intake by a lot. I realized I eat a TON of carbs daily. Not so good for the weight loss situation.

I need to remind myself I am still breastfeeding so I can't do anything too crazy, but eating better makes me feel better. The above photo is where I am currently. It is hard to tell in this photo, but I still have quite a baby pouch that needs to go bye bye.

I am more concerned about being healthy then looking good, but that would be a nice added bonus right?

5.  Amazon Prime Day

Signing up with my affiliate link will not cost you anything. I may make a small commission on your purchase. Know I appreciate you for using any of my affiliate links. <3

Ya'll, Amazon Prime Day is just 3 days away! On Monday (July 16th) at 3pm EST Prime Day starts and runs through Tuesday (July 17th). That's 36 hours of deals! There are a few great promotions going on already that you can take advantage of now.

You can get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for just $0.99! If you're a reader, you need this!
Maybe you prefer to listen to your books. Save 66% off a 3 month subscription to Audible!
Are you a student? Try Prime Student for 6 months free! Just in time for back to school!

What promotions are you most excited for? Me? I'm going to take advantage of the 3 month subscription to Audible. Now that I have Baby Bloob, I need to be hands free!

End of week thoughts

It was a very hectic week for me. I didn't accomplish much on the blog, but I crammed it all into one post today. Sorry about that. I had a lot I wanted to get posted and it just didn't happen. I am experimenting with affiliates and well here they all are!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will see you all back  here on Monday!


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When you read between the lines: A rambling

You ever have one of those weeks that kind of takes you for a loop and it throws off your whole schedule? Well that's been this week for sure. Lots of unexpected curveballs that have kept me away from my computer other then for work.

I promised myself a few months ago that I would not apologize anymore for my absences here on the blog. It is hard, but I am learning to let it happen. Life happened. What matters is that this space still brings me joy.

And it does.

Tonight I wanted to write. I wanted to just put some positive into the world. We need that from time to time. We need it from others and we need it from ourselves.

On nights like this, I sit here in silence reminding myself that even when things get tough, I am grateful. I have my beautiful little family. I have people who love me in all areas of my life. I have a roof over my head and a bountiful garden.

I am grateful.

This week on top of all of the crazy, I also decided to start eating better. Start tracking what I am eating and really putting my foot down. It has been 13 weeks since baby bloob was born. I have no excuse anymore to think I am "eating for two".

Comfort food is okay when I need comfort, but I think I have been eating like every meal will be my last. It has started to become very unhealthy for me and my small frame. The weight that I put on before the pregnancy plus the lingering weight from the pregnancy is really doing a number on my knees.

I am human.

You will be reading this on Thursday and I will be counting down the days until Friday. I'm always in a hurry these days. Trying to get to the next thing. I need to remind myself that I not only need to live the length of my life, I also need to live the width.

I need to expand myself so I don't live for the weekend every single day. That makes for a very anxious and tedious life. There's got to be more to life then just living from week to week. Sort of life living paycheck to paycheck. Never saving. Never moving forward.

I will evolve.

On nights like these I need to look at my 100 dreams list. I need to remind myself that those dreams are attainable if I would just think outside the box. Things will change once I reset my thoughts.

Tonight I am full of wonder and anxiety. I want everything to happen now. I am tired of waiting. But then I remind myself that waiting isn't the answer. I need to react and get myself in motion. Keep the mind positive. Then things will happen.

I need patience.

What has been lingering on your mind these days?

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100 Dreams Project - Vol. 6

Happy Friday dreamers! What kind of dream crushing are you cooking up for the weekend? Me? I'm going to catch up on some reading that is going to help me with something I am very excited about, but can't announce yet. It is a step towards something that is on my dreams list already. Sorry to be so vague, but in the meantime, here are the next 10 dreams on my list!

51. Ride in a hot air balloon
52. Attend a summer Olympics
53. Make $100,00 in one year and then increase it every year forward.
54. Be invited to the White House (Hopefully under a different administration all together)
55. Be published in a magazine
56. Visit Singapore
57. Appear in a movie
58. Have a garden/greenhouse that feeds my family through the year
59. Zipline through the jungles of Costa Rica
60. Commit to keeping a journal for 1 full year

Happy dreaming!

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BLT Pasta Salad for 4th of July

I don't know about you, but when I think of Fourth of July I don't just think red, white, and blue. I think fireworks and pasta salad. I feel like everyone wants to show off their new pasta salads like it's a new car or something.

"OMG did you see Susan's pasta salad? It had some kind of seeds in it. Yes SEEDS!"

Oh Susan. Always trying to one up the next salad. I'm pretty sure I'm Susan in this story so I'm gonna share my pasta salad recipe that is currently packed and ready to roll.

BLT Pasta Salad

What you need:
1 lb of elbow pasta
1lb of bacon
1 container of cherry or grape tomatoes
2 to 3 green onions
1 cup mayonnaise 
1-2 tbsp of white vinegar

Prepare your elbows to al dente. It should look like this when done:

While your elbows are boiling, fry your bacon. Once bacon is complete chop into small pieces. Follow with chopping up your green onions. Stems only. Then cut your mini tomatoes in half. I use kitchen scissors to cut the onions and tomatoes.

Mix together your pasta, bacon, tomatoes, and onions. Once they are tossed together add your mayo and vinegar. 

Voila! You have a pretty impressive salad that takes under an hour to prep. You can save time by cooking your bacon the night before. Just put it in a pretty red or blue bowl and it's all festive for the 4th!

Presentation is everything guys.. Look at that mayo all over the side of the bowl. So pretty.. Oh and that water bottle in the background is super sexy.. yeah. woops!

Take that Susan! I may have also made a fruit salad....

So tell me. Are you a Susan?

I hope you have a wonderful 4th! Stay safe out there kids!

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Amazon Purchases Vol 1

Like many people these days, I do A LOT of my shopping on Amazon. Having a new baby in the house makes it hard to get out and shop, so throwing stuff in my cart and having Prime really makes life that much easier. I mean if I am being honest, I don't like to go out and shop, so I have been shopping this way since wayyyyyy before the baby. #lazyshopper

Let's see what I bought in June... (This post does include affiliate links btw)

We have been trying REALLY hard not to buy new furniture until we buy a house next year. I purchased this H.VERSAILTEX slipcover in the pretty blue to keep things fresh (and cover the damage my cats cause from thinking the couch is a scratching post!)

I really like this cover. It was really easy to put on and the price was pretty sweet ($45.99 and Prime approved!). We bought a pretty expensive one after our wedding back in September of 2016 and this one is comparable, but it almost feels more durable. I am excited to see how it goes.

Now that I am getting more serious with my blog again (and I really like to take selfies) I decided to try out a ring light for my phone. We all know we use our phones WAY more then we want to admit when it comes to taking photos (and pretty much everything else in life). This light by QIAYA is pretty great. For $12.99 and Prime approved, it is worth the try. It has 3 different lighting options and easily clips onto your phone.
We drink a lot of coffee in my house and we use a Keurig. It was time to get some new reusable K-Cups, and this 4 pack from iPartsPlusMore seemed to fit the bill. Now we have 4 to use so there is no more washing each one out immediately to make the next cup of coffee. At $10.85, I call that a win, plus we are saving the environment but not throwing away all of those plastic cups.

 Last, but not least, I purchased this swaddler by Love to Dream for Baby Bloob. I came across a link for it in a group I'm in and like a million moms swear by it. It offers a design that allows your little one to have their arms up above their heads rather than swaddled at their sides. Baby Bloob does not like his arms confined and will wiggle his way out of a blanket swaddle in no time. This has been a pretty great purchase. It's lightweight too, so it doesn't overheat the little one in the summer heat.
Do you have any of those items? Do you need any of those items? They are all pretty great. No fails here which makes me happy! How often do you shop on Amazon?

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