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Who needs TV when you have Youtube?

I was watching some YouTube videos last night when I realized how much I trade in my tv watching for YouTube surfing these days. You really can find ANYTHING on there. When I say everything I mean it. YouTubers make me laugh. They show me how to do things. They educate me. They entertain me. They make me feel like I can do anything. So where am I going with this, you ask? It got me thinking about how these people are getting in front of a camera every week and showing you their world. They are brave and get treated all sorts of ways just by putting themselves out there everyday.

It got me looking through my subscription list. I don't have a ton but the ones I do have, I have been watching for years. Some of these people have been doing this for so long, its like a favorite TV show. You can't get enough and hope it never gets cancelled, so to speak. I noticed a majority of my subscription's are beauty related. These ladies helped me learn how to use and put on makeup. A lot of them younger than I have really grown up on these channels. Some have families now, major beauty careers, or even their own brand lines. They do it all and they choose to show you. This is awesome to me because I don't have the guts to do that. This blog is it for me. My world in words, but probably never in videos.

I felt this was a good time to introduce you all to my favorite YouTubers. These are the faces I enjoy watching when I need a break from the world. I pull up these channels and watch as I am working on my blog, or working on something else that is keeping me glued to my computer for the evening.

  • XSparkage: Leesha was probably the first channel I subscribed to. She always had bright fun makeup tutorials that kept me coming back for more! 
  • Leesha Vlogs: Leesha now only does great beauty tutorials, she also vlogs! She is about to become a mommy so head on over and watch her adventures to parenthood. 
  • Elle Fowler: Elle has been at this awhile and she has really done a lot for herself. Between her and her sister, they have their own brands. I love watching Elle because she is always changing it up.
  • Its Judy's Life: Judy has a great vlog. She and her hubby Benji really bring you life unedited with their toddler and new baby twin girls! Lots of fun there! Be sure to check her out! (She also has a beauty channel but I prefer her vlog :)
  •  Jenna Marbles: Ok anyone who needs a laugh, check out Jenna. She is funny and crude, but hey I like it!
  • Ray William Johnson: I don't know what it is about this channel but I am always laughing with all the random finds around youtube! Check it out for a big laugh!
So there you have it. My favorite youtube channels to watch when there ain't $h!t on the TV! Do you all have any favorite channels you watch? I am always looking for something new to keep me interested so pass along those links! Or do you yourself have a channel? Post the link!

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