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What do you think?

Why hello there. Nice to see you all. First and foremost I want to thank everyone for the support this week. Thanks to everyone who have taken my survey. If you haven't I would love if you did. Plus you will be entered to win a $10 Starbucks gift card!

Today I am interested in finding out what keeps you coming back to a blog. Is it based solely on the content? Do you enjoy the style of writing? Maybe you just absolutely love the design?

I want to say I come back to a blog only for the content, but to be honest I have come back for the style of writing. For example humor. Sometimes I could not care one bit about the content but if the writer can keep me entertained just by their approach I'm hooked.

I also come back if there is a product linked to the blog that I enjoy. And by product, this could be a service they offer. Take Helene from Helene in Between for example. Her blog to me is one big service. She uses her space to help other bloggers succeed. I know going into her blog what to expect and leave with valuable and useful information.

I guess you could say I am very niche friendly. But speaking about a niche, do you think they really bring in more readers? If I blogged specifically about cats, do you think I'd succeed as a blogger?

That I'm not 100% sure about yet, but I've read a lot of "reports" about this. I enjoy being a lifestyle blog with a few specific topics rather than marrying myself to just cats.

What do you think? What keeps you coming back to a blog? Anything specific?

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