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When Push Comes to Shove

Life. It's always give us new twists and turns. Sometimes we have no idea what is just around the next corner. We can to an extent control those twists and turns, but sometimes they just come out of nowhere and we are forced outside our comfort zones.

The comfort zone is something I feel like I have been clinging onto for way to long. I have made safe choices and I hardly ever leave room in my life for risk. I am starting to feel like that is a mistake.

I am not growing any more because I am refusing to push myself. I thought I was pushing, but now that I look at the past few months, I've really made the same choices I've always made. It's a pattern so to say.

Today I am making a pledge to not just push myself, but to shove myself off that ledge. I have to many dreams I am not pursuing because I am staying safe. I don't want to regret those decisions in 10 years. I want to know I tried. I did everything I could to pursue those dreams.

If they don't work out, I hope I at least find another path along the way. But I will know I tried my hardest to get there.

This is something that has been pressing on my mind heart lately. It's been heavy. It's been a different kind of uncomfortable. It's a reminder that we all eventually run out of time, but also a reminder that it's never to late to start.

Maybe that is why this blog still seems to be standing still. I have ideas, but they never come through. I don't want to let this space go. I love coming here, but I also realize how much I neglect it and all of my readers by not showing up.

It's not you. It's me.

I'm the scared one. I need to get over that and let the creativity and ideas shine through.

Now on to figuring out how to get my butt in gear.


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