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Beyond Blessed

I want to thank everyone who have offered me support and kind words over the past few weeks. I am beyond grateful. I have been working endlessly to improve this space bit by bit and when life gets in the way, I want you all to know, even if my presence isn't seen here on the web, I am always striving to make this work. Make things better. 

Over the past few months I have had a vision of what I really want for this space and what I want for my life. Dreams, ideas, goals, all in once place. All finally aligning. I have never been one to believe that good things come easy. They all take time, dedication, focus, and support. 

There are days I run myself ragged trying to get it all done. I work a 9-5. I run home to work on this blog or on my side project which seems to be taking up a BIG chunk of my time. Through all this I have also dealt with life events and stress. I have looked in the mirror and not recognized myself because I feel like I have aged. Aged more than I should have in just a short year.

It is time for me to allow myself time. I need time for me. A part of my vision is making a space that is user friendly, for both me and you. I may never have a viral post or 10,000 views a day, but I am okay with that. I know blogging isn't my calling in life. It's a hobby. It's a place I can come to learn and to educate when I can. 

Moving forward I am going to implement an easier workload for me, while still working to bring great content for you. I am going to take 1 or 2 nights a week to read and comment on all of your blogs. I know I can't commit to everyday, so I don't want to put out false hope. I will continue to keep a Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog schedule. I will work on responding to blogs and emails within 48 hours. 

I also want to spend some more time on my newsletter. I really enjoyed putting together my first one that went out on Friday. I loved hearing responses from the ladies who received it. Makes me excited for the next one. If you are not signed up, you can do so here.

I will try this all for a few months and re-evaluate. See how it goes. I can't wait to see how this goes and again, I want to thank you all for sticking with me and encouraging me all along the way!

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Happy Wednesday Everyone! I just wanted to take today to say THANK  YOU to all of you that are coming  back everyday to see what I am up to. You guys rock and I love you for it. It really puts a smile on my face to see your comments and to read your emails. I have not been feeling the best lately and I think I finally have a real reason why. Writing this blog helps me escape my stresses and lets me be in a place where I am happy.

Next week I will be back with new topics that are jam packed with information, laughs, and  just good fun reading. This week has been kind of lax while I sort out some personal stuff. I appreciate your understandings and kind words as I sort these things out. Friday I will be explaining a little bit of whats going on, so stay tuned!

I hope you all have a great day and I will see you back here Friday!