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Self Care: When Life Gets Busy

Now that I am officially a mom, I need to extra remind myself how important self care is. I am going to be honest here, working from home for the past 15 months and getting pregnant really put a damper on focusing on taking care of me. I mention self care a lot on this blog. You would think by now I would have it down pat.. wrong..

Basic things like getting changed out of my pajamas and washing my face regularly before bed weren't happening. I know it sounds like a dream to work in pjs everyday, but for me it made me less motivated.

Someone once said just putting on a pair of shoes can make the difference, which turns out is true, but I even failed to do that every day.

So back to self care. I need to get back to yoga and exercise in general. Winter is *hopefully* done and I have no excuse to not go outside. I can even take the baby on walks.

I need to find time to have alone time.. to journal... to meditate... to think... you know all the things we need to be sane.

I want to get back to the gym more consistently and get my body feeling good again. Lose the extra baby weight plus the weight I should of lost before getting pregnant. Thankfully we have a 24 hour gym so I can really go at anytime when R is home and after I've pumped and all that fun stuff.

I finally pulled out all  of my essential oils. I used a few through pregnancy but stayed on the cautious side when using more than just the lavender and peppermints of the oil world. I  have been gradually using some for different nursing ailments as well as diffusing to get my relaxation on when I have a minute or 2.

I have been trying to pause and remind myself to breathe and get a little meditation in. It has never been easy for me, and it certainly isn't coming easy with a newborn, but I do notice it is working.

The one thing I have never really been able to make consistent is journaling. I know it is supposed to be very helpful, but I just forget to do it. I want to document things these days though. I want to remember how I felt. What made me tick. What made me happy. Those types of things. I am going to attempt it again. See where it leads me.

What do you do for self care when life gets crazy? Share in the comments!

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Self Improvement Month

September is Self Improvement Month.  A month to take time to focus on yourself. It sounds like a lovely thing to celebrate, however I feel like most people like the idea, but have no idea how to actually stop and focus on just themselves. I am part of that group.

I am a HUGE advocate for self care and self improvement, however when I look at the whole picture, I am not doing enough of it for myself. So because September is a month to focus on it and because I have a wedding coming up at the end of the month, I decided to think of some ways to focus on me in between all the madness... Here's my ideas.

I have always been a journal-er and by journal-er I mean I collect them. I have tons of them. I don't really use them though as much as I should be. I took a few out the other day and decided it was time. I needed to put them to good use again.

I am now the happy owner of a bullet journal and a challenge journal. I am working on making my bullet journal a place to ease my anxiety and help keep my creativity flowing. My challenge journal is a place to keep some of the instagram challenges I come across. I am currently participating in a "Self Care September" challenge and a "Rock Your Handwriting" challenge. Both of which need some practice.

I have always enjoyed writing, thus the reason I have this blog. I find it much more therapeautic to put pen to paper and just let my mind wander though. Some of those thoughts will make their way onto this page. Some will stay hidden away for only me to see. That's how it should be.

The journal is going to lead me to some self improvement, along with that 90 minute massage I booked for the day before my wedding...

Journaling and massage aside, I also plan to read more this month. I am currently reading You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I LOVE IT. It is the perfect book to read about self improvement. I have read a lot of books about self improvement and so far this is in my top 5.  It also helps that someone RAKed this to me. They knew. I love that.

And yes I am going to mention the "Y" word. Yoga. I need to do more yoga. I felt better when I was doing some form of pose on a daily basis. It really does ease some of the tension away.

All in all it sounds like a lot, but taking on some daily habits will be good for me and my soul. I am hoping I will ease my way into the wedding in a better condition that I have been in.

What are you planning to do for yourself this month? Do you take time for self improvement and care? Share you ideas! I would love to see how everyone else relaxes and works on themselves.

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