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What would you do with $1.3 Billion dollars?

With all of the hype over the record breaking Powerball jackpot it makes me stop and think as to what I would do with all of that money if I were to win it. I have seen oodles and oodles of Facebook posts asking people what their top 5 buys would be if they were to wake up $1.3 billion dollars richer on Thursday morning.

I saw everything from paying off debt, to buying a house, to buying cars, college funds, and luxurious trips. The options would be endless. You would have to remember there would be taxes involved as well, but even after taxes you would still have a wonderful windfall.

I sat and thought about this all day on Sunday. What would I want? What decision would ever be considered the right choice?

Is there really a right answer here? Probably not. I do know for my own purpose, I would still want to do what I could to preserve the money and make smart choices. I put budgeting into my goals for 2016, and adding another $1.3 billion dollars wouldn't change that decision.

If I absolutely HAD to pick 5 items to spend my money on I would most likely go with things that corresponded with my life currently:

1. Pay off my student loans (It's the last of my debt!).

2. Fund my wedding as I am getting married in September. Nothing big or flashy but it would be nice to throw a nice party without the debt that comes with it.

3. Build my first home. Me and my hubby to be have some pretty unique ideas for a home we want one day. We are not looking for a large home but the ideas we have will make the house very efficient but very costly to build. It will pay off in the long run though.

4. Make sure my parents are taken care of. They have done so much for me over the years and have been a great support system when I needed them. Making sure they can retire comfortably would be important to me.

5. Donate to a few of my favorite charities. I always feel like if I am in a place to help someone else out then I will. Working in a non-profit myself I see the real struggles and understand that the donations really do make a difference.

So there you have it My top 5 things I would put spend my winnings on if I won the Powerball. I completely missed the cut off to buy on Saturday I was not in that pot. Maybe it was a sign?

What would be your top 5?

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