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Passions. (And a few throw back photos...)

I was looking back at some photos from a few years ago (a couple I'm sharing here now), and one thing that stood out most to me was that I was wearing makeup. That may seem like an odd thing to say, but I used to wear it all the time.

Look! Makeup!
 Another thing you may not know about me is I was all set to go to school in NYC for make up artistry and then I was in a pretty bad car accident. It put that plan on hold pretty indefinitely.

At the time I wasn't about to let my injuries kill my dreams, so I self taught myself. I spent several hours a day watching tutorials, reading books, and practicing techniques.

From there I learned, I applied myself, and I felt successful. Then life changed. I moved. I went through some hard stuff and makeup just wasn't a priority. Once a passion, became a chore.

I left life come between me and my passion. I let toxic relationships suck the life out of me until I broke. I put aside my needs for others. I landed in a dark place where my passions not longer mattered.

That's NEVER okay.

I needed a reminder. I needed something to tell me that I'm allowed to have th ose passions back. I started to unload the toxic. I started to remind myself that I'm a beautiful, strong woman who deserves happiness.

Lately I've started to reach for those makeup brushes again. There are photos of me wearing makeup.

I smile when I see myself in the mirror again. I look alive and happy. Letting go of all that built up stress from others has given me back something I love.

Me over the weekend in makeup!
You can do this too. Just let it go and let those passions back in now. You deserve that smile.
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Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid from Hell (Literally!)

Meet Zoey.

Zoey's that girl you had to include as a bridesmaid in your wedding because she's your fiance's sister's cousin half removed who kind of pushed her way in. You know the type. The one you always regret letting your guard down for because she always ruins the day.

Well, Zoey showed up to the wedding ready to party as expected. She was all glammed up and ready to steal the show. She had her hair done and some pretty dramatic makeup. Something seemed different about her, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I hadn't seen her since the night before, when she went missing during the bachelorette party. She got a little out of hand and disappeared with a guy she was chatting up. What she failed to mention when she showed up to the wedding, was that she had been attacked by a zombie!

No zombie bite was going to stop Zoey from showing me up at my wedding! Even with zombie tendencies, Zoey still managed to steal the show! I knew I should of told her no!

Want to get glammed out like Zoey this Halloween? This is a super easy look that can be as severe or as simple as you'd like. The best part is, all you need for this fun look is toilet paper, glue, and some red eye shadows.

 Glam Zombie Makeup 


Start off this look with a clean face. Make sure all of your makeup is off. This will help the "brain" and "lacerations" stick to your face.

Grab a roll of toilet paper and some non-toxic glue. This will be on your face so you may want to spot check it on your skin before starting in case of sensitivities.

Rip off 3 sheets of toilet paper and wad it up. Apply glue to the toilet paper. This will turn the toilet paper into a sticky moldable consistency. This will be your "brain". Repeat for laceration.

Mold the toilet paper into the shapes you want and gently apply to your face. You don't want the pieces to become flat, so make sure they both still have some depth to them.

Once you get the molded toilet paper where you want it on your face, allow it to set for 2 minutes. Because this look was going to be a glammed out look, I went ahead and applied some primer and foundation to my face while it dried to save time. You can skip this if you are only looking for a brain and laceration look.

Once the molds were set, I took 2 different red eyes shadows that I had laying around and brushed the color onto the molds. There was no real science to this except I kept applying until I liked the shade. Don't be afraid to get this on your face as well. The more blood the better right?

If you are only looking to add a brain and a laceration, than you can stop here! So simple and easy for a quick Halloween costume. You can also add more now that you can see how easy it is to make lacerations out of toilet paper.

I went ahead and added some dramatic eye makeup and some more red marks on my face. I wanted to look like I earned those cuts!

So there you have it. A quick and easy last minute Halloween costume. Will you try this look?

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed creating this look! 

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Hoarding: Beauty Addition Style

I was going through all of my beauty supplies last night, trying to weed out everything that's either expired or I never use (There is A me!). I still shock myself on how much I collect and never even open. It really is an addiction. Do they offer meetings for that?
 "Hi, My name is Trish, and I am a beauty product-aholic."
Or maybe there is a reality show out there for me. Something along the lines of:
"Hoarders: Beauty Products Edition." Casting for this? Call me!

Having an addiction of this interest can get quite pricey. I really have slowed down over the past year, then I started signing up for things and more stuff just kept on coming!

I had 2 reasons for my mission last night. And trust me, going through my makeup alone is enough to make me want to pull out my hair.

# 1. I needed to make some room for some of my new products that I really am using these days. I felt it was only fair they have a home other than sitting on my bathroom sink.

#2 Picking out the perfect trial sized products for my upcoming trip. More on that coming up next week ;)

I got everything in some form or organization and finally had room to add some new things. A few weeks ago I was sent a new skincare regimen from Yves Rocher to review for them.

They sent me over the Sebo Vegetal collection for combination to oily skin. I was sent:
  • Step 1: Cleanse: Purifying Cleansing Gel
  • Step 2: Tone: Purifying Micellar Water 2 in 1
  • Step 3: Hydrate and Mattify: Zero Blemish Gel Cream
My skin is a hot mess lately. It has nothing to do with the products as it was a hot mess prior to their arrival. I have been using the products for a few weeks now and have noticed it does do wonders for my scaly dry skin in the morning that than normally morphs into a shine-tastic afternoon. It has been keeping my bipolar skin at bay without over irritating my already broken out face.

I really do like these products and will most likely repurchase once these run out. They do make my skin feel really nice and I have experienced zero irritation or added breakouts. The products are paraben free (Yay!) as well as mineral oil free (Whatever that means. But I'm sure its bad for you!). They are also priced decently and the best part when it comes to cost is these products go a long way! Yay less buying, more usage!

Xo Trish
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