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What's my job again?

It's Monday again. What better way to start the day then to talk about work. Yep. I went there. Work on a Monday sounds so awful. But I promise this blog isn't going to be awful (Or so I hope you don't feel that way). Anyways, last week I was cleaning out my desk at work (More on that soon) and I came across the paper I was given when I first started at my company. The requirements of my job. I kid you not, the list goes a little something like this:

Morning Priorities
- Check e-mail and forward as needed.
- Checking fax machine and distributing faxes as needed.
- Checking calendar to see who is out for the day.
- Making sure that if customers are visiting that signs are in the foyer.
- Entering and mailing of invoices.
- Shipping.
-Any other duties that arise.

Afternoon Priorities
- Getting mail after lunch and distributing to mailboxes.
- Sending conformations (Yes that's how its spelled on the sheet) @ 2:00 p.m.
- Shipping
- Shipping Sheets
- Filing (If there is coverage)
- Any other duties that arise.

I sat there for a minute and read this list over and over again. This does not sound anything like my job. I have been in my position for 2.5 years and this is not my job. I have many responsibilities that are far more complex than sending "conformations" or checking the calendar.. My day is full of new challenges and lists of things that need to get accomplished. Most days I leave and my desk looks like a bomb went off because I have so much to do and no time to do it.

All of these things listed are tiny little slivers of what I do on a daily basis. Lets talk about my morning first. I am constantly checking and replying to email. The fax machine rarely distributes anything because who uses a fax machine these days? I do check the calendar, but not to the point where I need it as a requirement. Same thing with customer visits. It's not rocket science people. Invoices are delivered at all times of the days, and sometimes I yell at them in my head because they won't stop coming. Shipping. That could be a job all in it's own, but I am a ninja master and get that shit done pronto. As far as any other duties that arise,the list is endless. Literally.

Now my afternoon seems way more complex than my morning. I am STILL checking and replying to email. I get so busy that other people bring in my mail. And come to thing of it where on the requirements does it tell me to take OUT the mail? I send those conformations which takes me 3 minute tops. We already discussed shipping. Don't get me started on those shipping sheets. If I could have a bonfire with them, they would be toast! (Or ash I suppose.. ). I file freely throughout the day as time permits. I leave my post for this because I don't want my desk to look like a mess forever. They forgot to add reports. I send a ton of those babies. Up to 100 a day sometimes. And then back to those other duties.. please don't remind me.

As you can see, I have quite a bit of work on my plate daily. This job requirement sheet doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. It keep my questioning, what's my job again? Can you guess? Any ideas of that I do everyday? I'll give you a cookie if you can guess!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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