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Inauguration Day 2016

The day has come. A day many people are fearing. Today a new president takes the White House. It will be a day full of tears, struggles, joys, frustration, and unfortunately there will be some violence.

We will see people out of character who either cannot accept the change or will go against anyone who does not want the change. There can be bad on both sides of this.

I know many beautiful ladies headed to Washington DC this weekend for the Women's March. I wish I could be there with you, making history. I will be home locally supporting you. But my fear is, this event will bring the worst out of people. I am praying for a safe peaceful protest where everyone makes it home safe.

I am a realist. I have watched as the world has reacted to what it to come. I have seen peace and I have seen war. I have seen families torn apart by their differences. Sadly this isn't a president thing, this is a people thing.

I am writing this post this morning to urge everyone to find some peace today. Respect your neighbor, even if you do not have the same views. Allow there to be conversation that is listened to rather than responded to. Learning to let people speak before responding is a beautiful thing. We may learn something.

I personally know people who voted both ways. I have friends who are realing about today and others who are celebrating. I see it in my Facebook feeds. I see some kindness and some negativity. So today I want to remind you all one thing...


You may not agree with what is happening, but you need to be apart of the solution, not the problem.

Let's all radiate together and create love and joy and march forward.

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